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Human Services

Bachelor of Arts

Human Services is about helping others. And delivering direct services that improve lives.

The B.A. in Human Services prepares students to use their compassion for others to make a difference. The program prepares graduates for entry-level work in churches and faith-based settings, correctional and probation facilities, and mental health and social service agencies. The degree also helps you meet academic requirements for Bethel’s counseling psychology, marriage and family therapy, and gerontology programs.

Program Details

Human Services

With our human services degree, you’ll develop the skills to follow your passion for helping others. And you’ll be ready to serve in a variety of settings, such as social service agencies and churches.

Deliveries: Face to Face, Online

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Applying Holistic Care

At Bethel, we recognize that helping people requires sensitivity, strong interpersonal skills, and an understanding of families and larger social contexts. That’s why courses help you unpack how your own experiences influence your interpersonal relationships and how you can use your self-understanding to help others in need. By providing education from a Christian worldview, you’ll have a holistic understanding of the issues people face and be able to offer hope from a place of humility, empathy, and grace.

65K to 75K
median income of 5-year alumni

- Bethel CAPS Alumni Survey

of 5-year alumni are involved in leadership roles

- Bethel CAPS Alumni Survey

Program Highlights

Graduate school preparation

The program meets many requirements for graduate study in such fields as marriage and family therapy, counseling psychology; mental health counseling;  gerontology; pastoral care and counseling; and related disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Christian perspective

Integrate a Christian worldview with knowledge from such fields as psychology, counseling, human development, and family studies to prepare to meet individuals’ diverse needs.

Interpersonal relationship skills

In the helping professions, you’ll encounter all types of relational issues, including marriage, family life-cycle, parent-child interaction, and professional helping relationships. Learn to understand the concerns faced in each context and how to effect positive change.

Employment preparation

Prepare for entry-level positions in family social services, community mental health, public or private agencies, and congregational settings serving children, adolescents, adults, couples, and/or families.

Cross-cultural awareness

Grow in your knowledge of psychopathology and social inequality so you understand how these factors affect your clients and how you can communicate most effectively with persons from all walks of life.

Making a Difference

A major in human services prepares you for a variety of careers in the helping professions, from corrections to career services. Our graduates have also continued on to master's programs at Bethel and other schools.


Learn how to:

  • Apply research and theories to family relationships and processes
  • Use research and ethical principles in helping individuals
  • Demonstrate effective communication and conflict management skills
  • Analyze social and public policies designed to benefit others
  • Work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Integrate faith with your professional development and practice


Our graduates serve in:

  • Mental health
  • Family services 
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Addiction counseling
  • Healthcare
  • Corrections
  • Disability services
  • Career services
  • Congregational settings
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family life and health education
  • Youth and social services

Graduate Fields

Our graduates have gone on to study:

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