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B.S. in Nursing (RN to B.S.) Program Details

Our nursing program will provide you with a top-notch education with hands-on experience so that you’re ready to give your patients excellent, evidence-based care.

Face to Face

You'll meet for classes at one of our convenient locations.

Location: Arden Hills, Bloomington, North Hennepin Community College

Start Dates: Fall 2015, Spring 2016


You'll complete 100% of your coursework online.

Start Dates: Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Total Credits


Approximate Program Length

19 months


  • The Professional Nurse (NURS360)

    Introduction to the scope of professional nursing practice within the context of a Christian worldview. Exploration of professional nursing, professional nursing roles, and the changing context of healthcare. The future of professional nursing will be considered.

    3 credits

  • Public Health Nursing (NURS404)

    An exploration of population-focused nursing care with an emphasis on health disparities and underserved populations.

    6 credits

    Corequisite Course: NURS421E

  • Nursing Informatics (NURS410)

    An introduction to the history, core concepts, application, and future of nursing informatics for the profession of nursing.

    3 credits

  • Cultural Diversity in Health Care (NURS421E)

    Examine the impact of culture on health and illness. Application of cultural assessment to planning culturally specific nursing care.

    3 credits

  • Research and Evidence-Based Practice (NURS430)

    An overview of the research process with a focus on evidence-based nursing practice.

    6 credits

  • Nursing Leadership (NURS494)

    Exploration and application of nursing leadership concepts and theories utilized in the delivery of healthcare. Emphasis on expansion of nursing?s professional sphere of influence. Development of leadership attributes associated with professional nursing roles. Portfolio construction, including reflection on the integration of nursing roles, theories, research, ethics, and Christian worldview.

    9 credits

  • Ethics (PHIL325H)

    Critical analysis of the nature of ethics, principal ethical theories, and contemporary ethical issues relating to the individual and society. Readings focus on questions such as the grounds for moral judgments; the relation of religion to ethics; the place of duties, consequences, and virtue in the moral life; and concepts of justice and their application to public policy. The role of gender in ethics is considered. Applications to issues in bioethics will be the major focus of the course.

    3 credits

The nursing degree-completion program is designed for working nurses who need a predictable schedule. Before the program begins, we'll provide you with a program calendar so you’ll know when your classes begin and end.

Mission and Values

The mission of the nursing department is to provide leadership through outcomes of nursing education, scholarship, and practice that reflect a Christ-like presence in the preparation of nurses who serve, with excellence, a diverse and changing society. We value:

  • The liberal arts context as the foundation for nursing education and practice.
  • The perspectives of a Christian worldview that emphasize caring, service, integrity, the pursuit of excellence, and the inherent worth of all life.
  • Nursing as a profession that fulfills multiple roles and requires a unique and expanding body of knowledge and skills for the purpose of promoting the health of diverse individuals, families, communities, and systems.
  • Nursing leadership that influences the quality of healthcare within changing local and global healthcare systems.
  • Education that is relational and active and that promotes critical thinking and lifelong learning.


In addition to your coursework, you'll also take part in clinicals or clinical projects. These experiences will expand your understanding of professional nursing roles and issues. That's why we design them with attention to each student's background so you're not repeating what you already know. We will work with you to develop manageable clinical or clinical project experiences.


Our nursing program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

RN to M.S. Nursing Bridge Program

If you're an R.N. with a bachelor's degree in a major other than nursing, you can enroll in our B.S. to M.S Bridge Program. Check out all the details about that option, including our prerequisite bachelor's courses that will prepare you for the master's program.

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