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You want a better career, but going back to school is a challenge. And there are so many options. How do you choose? At Bethel, we've combined the best adult education features. Earning a degree at Bethel is not only possible. It will be life-changing.

Career-boosting programs

We offer programs in business, accounting, nursing, human services, and Christian ministries-fast-growing sectors of the economy. Our accelerated courses prepare you quickly for a specific field-while making you versatile for many job options. If you've never been to college, our 2-year General Studies options are a great way to earn an A.A. or A.S., or to get a head start on any B.A or B.S.


Online diplomas sound great, but they can be impersonal and cookie-cutter. At Bethel, you're evaluated individually, and given credit for experience you already have. Small weekly classes (in a choice of convenient locations) are combined with web-based work for a degree you can complete in two years. Instructors are working professionals who take an interest in your goals. And your cohort-fellow students who share every class with you-becomes a vital source of support.

Values to live by

One of the most unique advantages of Bethel is our Christian values. We believe the world needs ethical people-in the home, community, and workplace. So every subject is examined with questions in mind: What are the choices and who is affected? What long-term impact is at stake? At Bethel, your character and critical thinking are cultivated along with your skills. Students of any faith are welcome to be enriched by this approach.