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Royal Donut Drop

Royal Donut Drop

We love to see Bethel alums carrying out Bethel's core valuesas Christ-followers, character-builders, learners, truth-seekers, world-changers, reconcilers, and salt and lightin their workplaces. Whether you work for a large corporation, a small business, a non-profit, a school, a church, or a hospital, we want to thank you and your Bethel alumni colleagues with a sweet treat.

Nominate your workplace to receive a delivery of coffee, a dozen donuts, and some Bethel-branded gifts by members of Bethel’s alumni team.

Complete the form below to nominate your workplace today!

"Measure our performance by what God accomplishes through our graduates after they have been prepared at Bethel to go out into the world to serve."

- Bethel University founder John Alexis Edgren

Royal Donut Drop Rules

Before submitting your nomination, please note the following rules:

  • To nominate a workplace for Royal Donut Drop, we ask that you:
    • Be an alum of Bethel University
    • Be an employee at the workplace you nominate
    • Be willing to serve as the contact person at your workplace for the Royal Donut Drop, which involves setting the date and time for delivery, taking care of any security clearance needs, and notifying your colleagues (especially fellow Bethel alums) regarding the delivery
  • For a workplace to be eligible for the Royal Donut Drop, it must:
    • Be located in the United States
    • Employ at least 3 Bethel University alumni.
    • Have a mission that does not conflict with Bethel University’s mission, vision, and core valuesaffirmation of faith; or Covenant for Life Together.
    • Royal Donut Drop participants agree that Bethel University has the right to use the name and likeness of Royal Nation Donut Drop participants and winners for promotional and advertising purposes without compensation.
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