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Superintendent License

A Superintendent License is about more than administration. It’s about authentic leadership for students, educators, families, and the community.

Parents, teachers, and community leaders are looking for inspiring administrators to serve their neighborhoods and districts. At Bethel, we prepare superintendents to answer that call. Superintendents leave Bethel ready to serve as public intellectuals—engaging community members in district efforts and using an ethical framework for making the tough decisions they face each day.

Program Option(s)

Superintendent License

Our Superintendent License will equip, empower, and inspire you toward success in administrative, district-level leadership. The program is designed to allow you to experience the right blend of challenging work and personal support.

Delivery Online with Intensives
Location Anderson Center
Credits 36
Cost per Credit $750

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* These program details and costs are estimated and subject to change. View our program details disclaimer for more information.

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Program Highlights

High program success rate

With a program retention rate of 97%, our students find that they can continue to serve as administrators or teachers while earning their license.

Additional requirement assistance

If you don’t have the required 3 years of teaching experience, you can add a teaching internship to meet the requirement.

Two-track license option

You can choose to earn just your Superintendent License or earn your license as part of completing Bethel's Doctor of Education program.

Convenient cohort approach

The Superintendent License is offered through our cohort-based program completed over 2 years where students move through their courses with the same group of peers. All students also participate in an internship in their local area.


The Superintendent License will utilize the most effective courses and experiences for you to make the greatest impact at the district level of service.


Learn how to:

  • Apply your unique leadership traits
  • Manage and communicate with the organization
  • Engage with policy, law, political influence, and governance
  • Build community relations Understand human resource management
  • Organize safety and security
  • Implement positive values and ethics leadership

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