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Why Study at Bethel?

Earning an advanced degree is a challenging goal. Bethel's Graduate School helps you capitalize on the professional rewards while minimizing personal inconvenience. A balance of academic rigor and support, your program at Bethel will become a turning point in your life and career.

Respected Degrees

Our programs are highly respected in the business, healthcare, education, and human service communities. Working executives have helped write the curricula and serve on the faculty. Many options, such as our Certificate in International Baccalaureate Education or Leadership Foundations, are hard to find anywhere else. The courses are accelerated, interactive, and designed to give you staying power in your career.

Achievable Graduation

We offer programs close to your home and work-in five communities across the Metro area. Classes meet once a week for 5-6 weeks, with online components built in. You'll be evaluated by projects, not tests, and can typically finish in two years. Colleagues you start and finish with, your cohort, will be a source of support.

Focus on Values and Ethics

Bethel offers something extra. With many social problems springing from moral failures, we work to develop leaders who contribute to the greater good. Our foundation is the Christian faith. Working from biblical values and their own faith-work integration, Bethel professors help you form the character for responsible leadership at work and in the community. Christian faith, however, is not a requirement.