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As you get started at Bethel, you will discover that you'll be using new technologies or familiar technologies in new ways. If you need additional assistance, contact the Help Desk by emailing helpdesk@bethel.edu or calling 651.638.6500.

Getting Connected

Here are some resources to help you get connected.

Bethel Community Account

Your Bethel Community Account is the way you identify yourself to computers and digital services at Bethel. Bethel uses Identity Access Management (IAM) to manage your Bethel Community Account. Using IAM, you can:


Information Storage at Bethel

Store files on campus servers (BSP-NAS) for easy access. These files can be accessed on any Bethel lab computer or on your personal computer. You start with 1GB of storage, and you can request more storage space as needed.

You may also store information on Google Drive. Learn more about Google Drive where you can create, store, and collaborate in online documents, spreadsheets, and presentation files.


Check out our tips on how to keep your computer and personal data protected by using safe online practices.

Online Resources