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How to link to another section of your webpage from within the document:

1. First place your curser where ever you desire the link to bring you.

2. Type in the "anchor name"* box a word related to your particular link. In the "index title" box type the title of your link and then click "add".  The name and title should appear highlighted in yellow where ever you placed your curser but will not appear at all in the published version.

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3. Now highlight the text you wish to link, type in the "link target" box a pound sign and your anchor name.
For example, "#top". Now click "add link."

4.  Save your changes and publish to activate the link, note that the link will not work in the public preview but will work on the published website.

*Do not use spaces, capital letters, special characters, or any punctuation other than a hyphen or underscore.