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Most often, we’ll be working on web content for our public website. This includes everything from the About section to Campus Ministries and Student Life to academic department sites.


When it comes to Bethel’s voice, we try to make it consistent across our whole website. Users should feel like they’re interacting with the same Bethel no matter what page they’re viewing.


Since the web is one big conversation, Bethel’s tone should change depending on what the conversation is about and what our users are trying to do.

Think about it this way: you wouldn’t be sarcastic or clever when your friend is having trouble with their Financial Aid application.

You’d probably be confident and encouraging to help them through the process. You also wouldn't be overly serious and rigid when convincing your friend to come to the Homecoming Cheer. You'd want to make it sound like a ton of fun.

It’s the same for our web content. We need to adapt to what our users are feeling and what the conversation is about.