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Seminary for Everyone

seminary for everyone

Whether you want to learn more about a particular topic or get a taste of what Bethel Seminary is all about—we have courses covering a variety of relevant interests and passions all year long. Internationally renowned instructors are excited to share their perspectives on topics close to their hearts through these flexible, easily-accessible opportunities. With choices related to both credit seeking and non-credit seeking endeavors, you get to decide what level of investment suits your life, goals, and learning style.

Group Discount: We offer a discount of $70 off per person if there are five or more participants registered from the same organization (church, Bible study group, etc.). Please email seminary-for-everyone@bethel.edu for more information and to receive the group rate coupon code.

All courses are accessible online, and non-credit options involve a 5-6 hour time commitment per week (for a four-week course).

Courses Open for Registration

Christian Discipleship in a Technological Age
Not for credit: June 6-30
For credit: May 23-June 17, 2022

Taught by Dr. John Dunne, assistant professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary

Technology is an inseparable feature of Western life in the 21st century. It has helped many of us live healthier and longer lives, and it has provided us with conveniences, opportunities, and experiences that we could never imagine giving up. But technology is also capable of diminishing our lives in many ways, alienating us from nature, other people, ourselves, and even from God. In this course we want to explore ways to reclaim personal agency over technology through practices and reflections on what balanced Christian discipleship ought to look like in a technological age.

Course Options and Cost
  • Online
  • For credit (1.5): $762*
    • The course for Bethel Seminary credit will be offered from May 23—June 17, 2022. 
  • For no seminary credit but access to the seminar-style class—including media, Zoom sessions with guest lecturers, and group discussions: $195 (discount code: $45 off)
    • The seminar-style class for no credit will be offered June 6-30, 2022.

*To receive seminary credit, you must be either an incoming or current Bethel Seminary student or receive special student status from the institution.

Spiritual Formation in an Age of Anxiety
June 6-30, 2022

Taught by Shannon Vandewarker, M.Div. (Bethel Seminary) and writer and co-author of Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work and Practices for Working in the Presence of God: A Guided Journal

We are always being formed by something or someone. This class explores how we can become more intentional about leaning into the ways God is forming us spiritually. We will consider the importance of learning the voice of God in every season, and how knowing God’s voice in the everyday helps us when we need to hear from God during times of transition, anxiety, and crisis. We will study the power of our ordinary lives as catalysts for hearing from, interacting with, and responding to God through our work, spiritual practices, surrender, and our relationships. The course focuses on practical ways to attune ourselves to God and God’s voice in our day-to-day, ordinary lives.

Course Options and Cost
  • Online
  • For access to the seminar-style class—including media, Zoom sessions with guest lecturers, and group discussions: $195 (discount code: $45 off)*

*This class will not be available for Bethel Seminary credit regardless of student status.

Upcoming Courses

Course descriptions and registration coming soon. 

October 3-28, 2022

  • Creation Care and the Church with Glen Scorgie
  • Recovering and Amplifying your Creativity with Shawn Moore

January 2-27, 2023

  • Reimagining Evangelism with Joe Boyd
  • Lost in Translation? Everything You Wanted to Know about Bible Translation but Were Afraid to Ask with Jeannine Brown and Mark Strauss