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M.A. (Theological Studies)

Theological Studies is about more than biblical facts. It’s about becoming a transformative teacher of God’s Word.

In Bethel’s M.A. (Theological Studies) you’ll make in-depth biblical explorations to gain a deep understanding of Scripture. In the process, you’ll acquire interpretive discipline, develop biblical wisdom, and prepare to teach with a focus on either biblical studies or Christian thought and theology. Most of all, you'll gain the confidence of one who handles God's Word with care and applies its truth to contemporary life with relevance.

Program Option(s)

M.A. (Theological Studies)

Our theological studies program will offer you the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of Scripture and biblical interpretation. Gain the insight that will empower you to serve in vocational ministry through Christian education and scholarship.

Deliveries Face to Face, and Online
Locations Online, and St. Paul
Credits 51
Tuition per Credit $508
Estimated Total Tuition $25,908*

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Preparing Well-rounded Teachers of Scripture

At Bethel, you’ll experience a holistic approach to education. The program focuses on the Bible—what it meant in its original context and what it implies for the 21st century. But learning to be a transformative teacher—one who leads others into life-changing encounters with the Scripture—means integrating your faith into your studies. So our community will both challenge and support you as you grow intellectually, personally, and spiritually.

You’ll work with distinguished professors who teach around the world, learn from diverse fellow students, and explore relevant topics. You’ll be prepared to make a difference in the world—to inspire others to encounter the Living Author of the Bible and use their God-given talents to accomplish incredible things.

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Program Highlights

Godly faculty

You’ll study with respected, published faculty who are actively engaged in ministry throughout the world. Our programs are designed to reach the highest standards of biblical scholarship, personal devotion, and community relevance.

Whole-life learning

You’ll grow as a whole person as your biblical thinking and interpretive skills expand. You’ll be challenged to mature spiritually through a greater understanding of how the Bible connects to real life so you can become a transformative teacher of God’s Word.


You can choose from multiple concentrations to focus your studies. The program will prepare you to teach God’s Word for transformative effect in a variety of settings, including in churches, schools, mission contexts, universities, or seminaries.

Online Options

We offer fully online options so that you can complete the Theological Studies program from anywhere, and at a pace that fits your busy schedule.

Stimulating student body

You’ll enjoy the richness of studying alongside peers from a range of backgrounds who are all committed to growing as whole and holy people. Your classmates will represent over 50 denominations and a variety of career fields.

Sustaining community

You’ll benefit from an intimate Christian learning community. You’ll build lasting relationships with faculty, fellow students, and staff. Times of community, prayer gatherings, and opportunities for personal development through coaching and tutoring all create an atmosphere for personal and academic growth.


Our Theological Studies program will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to interpret Scripture faithfully, apply it to your own life, and teach it in ways that foster spiritual renewal and transformation. Our graduates work in a variety of contexts and career fields, with a major focus on the ministry of teaching. The program is particularly appropriate for any who wish to pursue graduate degrees in biblical or theological fields.


Learn how to:

  • Interpret faithfully what the Bible meant in its original context
  • Apply the message of the Bible to your own life so you can teach for life change
  • Engage the contemporary world theologically so you can speak to current issues in a variety of fields
  • Love God, yourself, and others more fully by gaining emotional, spiritual, and relational health
  • Serve in churches, mission contexts, non-profit organizations, schools, or universities


Careers of our graduates:

  • Teachers for local churches
  • Teachers in mission contexts
  • Teachers in non-profit or parachurch contexts
  • Writers, broadcasters, translators, communication specialists
  • Faculty in schools or universities