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Why we use IDEA Evaluations

We use Campus Labs for administering IDEA evaluations. This way of administering course evaluations allows students to complete evaluations online using a computer, tablet, or smartphone either in class or outside of class. It also provides feedback in an electronic form with more user-friendly graphics and links to faculty development resources related to the different areas of evaluation.

As in the past, we need to know your preferences in regards to which courses to evaluate and which form (long or short) you prefer for those courses. In order to make this process easier for you, we have created a simple online form for you to submit. This form will show all of your courses and will ask you to select which courses you want evaluated and which type of form you prefer. Requirements for evaluations are listed below and are also provided at the top of the selection form. There are also specific instructions for courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics to account for differing lab/lecture situations.

Pre-tenured Faculty: Long form in all courses every term. 

Faculty on Term Appointments: Long form in all courses every term.

Non-tenured Continuing Faculty NOT up for review: Long or short form in one class every term.

Tenured faculty NOT up for review: Long or short form in one course every term. 

Faculty up for Tenure Renewal: Evaluate all courses with the long form in the year preceding the tenure renewal decision, and in the fall term of the decision year. 

Faculty up for Promotion: Evaluate all courses with the long form in the year preceding the promotion decision, and in the fall term of the decision year. 

Adjuncts: Evaluate all courses.

Please use this form every semester.

Please complete this form to select “Long,” “Short” or “No evaluation” for your courses. Any un-selected sections will be evaluated with the Long (Diagnostic) form unless your department has made other arrangements with Academic Affairs.

Contact or 651.638.6800 with questions.

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