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Getting Married

Students do not always receive a better financial aid package because they are married. To determine whether it's best for you to complete your FAFSA before you get married or after, visit the Minnesota State Office of Higher Education and complete two estimates, one as a single student (using parents' data) and one as a married independent student (using your future spouse's data). Print the results of your estimates, then schedule an appointment with a Bethel financial aid counselor to discuss the results. Bring copies of both estimate results to your appointment.

Studying Abroad

Institutional grants and scholarships will not be offered to students studying abroad. Students can receive their federal and state aid while studying abroad.

Private Scholarships

Private scholarships are aid you don't have to repay. The gift aid Bethel gives will only be reduced if your total gift aid exceeds your cost of attendance. Your loan eligibility will be reduced if needed to keep your total financial aid package within federal limits.

Military Benefits

Bethel-controlled grants and scholarships are reduced if total military benefits, grants and scholarships exceed the financial aid budget for tuition, fees, room, board, books and supplies.

Awarded Before Verification

If the data on your FAFSA was accurate, your financial aid package will not change. If, however, the verification process significantly changes the FAFSA results, then there will be changes to your need-based financial aid.

Change in Family Situation

If your family has experienced either reduced income or unusual financial challenges, you can complete an appeal form. Visit our Special Circumstances page for forms and information.