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Ryan Auer

North Village—Resident Director


Residence Hall

North Village


B.A. in Social Studies Education 5–12, Bethel University
B.A. in History, Bethel University 

Why I Love North Village

I love North Village because of the great balance between independence and community. Why choose between off Campus and on Campus when you can have both!? In North Village you get the independence of full apartment living while having great access to campus life and easy parking. Residents that choose North gain a great community that desires to take full advantage of their time at Bethel. 

Best Thing About My Job

Getting to build intentional community and relationships is easily the best part of my job. Between my RA Team and the Villagers there are incredible people in every building that brighten my world each day, and I'm honored to get to live intentionally with them as we grow and become who we were made to be. 

Number One Reason to Live on Campus

Our time at Bethel is unique, and unlike any other time in our lives. Living on campus is the opportunity to be more than classmates, teammates, or casual friends. We get to be a family, with all the good, difficult, and fun things that closeness brings. There is no doubt about it; living on campus will change and grow you. But only if you choose it for yourself. 

Favorite Bethel Tradition

My favorite tradition or memory from my time at Bethel has to be the Homecoming Men's Dance Competition, where each hall choreographs a dance for the guys to perform. It was a chance to try something that truly scared me, and it was an absolute blast to do! The dance is still the number one thing that my friends and I talk about to this day when we see each other.