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Getting started

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Can I see my room sometime this summer?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate showings of your room prior to moving in. Our residence halls are occupied with summer conference groups and student housing.

Can I pick a specific room?

You will be able to indicate your hall preferences on your application. However, we cannot accommodate specific room requests.

I have a friend that is transferring to Bethel this fall. Can I choose him/her as a roommate?

Yes. The student must be accepted, their fee must be paid with the Admissions Office, and they must complete a housing application by the deadline.



Where do I complete the steps for room selection?

All room selection steps are completed on students' MyHousing and Meal Plan page. This is found on MyBethel>Tools & Resources>MyHousing and Meals, or by clicking here.

If my application and roommate requests are in by the deadline, am I guaranteed the room type/hall requested?

No. Room preferences are based on availability at the time of room selection and are not guaranteed. Availability in the hall will depend on your individual or group's room selection number.

I missed the deadline for individual application. What should I do?

Complete the application. Your time to choose a room will be later than those who met the deadline.

Returning Student room selection Number

Is placement on a first-come, first-served basis?

No, the returning student process is based on years in housing. Students will be assigned room selection numbers randomly based on years in housing. All students with completed applications by the deadlines have equal opportunity.

How are room selection numbers assigned?

Priority room selection numbers are given to those who've completed their housing application by 10 a.m. on February 28.

Do I want a high or low room selection number?

A low number means an earlier chance at choosing a room on room selection night.

What number do we use when our group is chosen?

At the close of roommate selection time, room selection numbers of the mutually chosen roommates will be averaged. The entire group will then be reassigned this new averaged room selection number. On the night of room selection, the group with the lowest number will be able to select a room first. A low number means your group will have many rooms to choose from. A higher number means more rooms will be chosen ahead of you.


Roommate selection

When can I begin selecting roommates?

Once you have applied for housing, you may begin selecting your roommates to match with. However, keep in mind that the people you would like to roommate match with have to have also applied for housing for them to show up as roommate options.

How do I know if a roommate has requested me? Can I check this somewhere?

The system automatically generates an email every time a roommate is added or removed. Watch your email and your MyHousing Roommate/Suitemates page for activity. "Fall 2024 Roommate Requests" lists all matched roommate requests. "Accept/Decline Pending Roommate Requests" lists any roommate requests that do not match.

What happens if one of my roommates does not request everyone correctly?

All roommate requests must be fully matched. The nonmutual requests will not be included. Each group is responsible to have all roommate requests entered into your MyHousing page by the deadline. The system will only display rooms that the matched roommates can fill.

Where can I check to ensure our group has completed all roommate requests?

Your MyHousing Roommate/Suitemates lists roommate request activity. "Fall 2024 Roommate Requests" lists all matched roommate requests. "Accept/Decline Pending Roommate Requests" lists any roommate requests that do not match.

We do not have enough roommates in our group to fill all the beds in the suite/apartment we desire. How is this going to affect us?

Groups that completely fill the occupancy of a suite/apartment have priority in opening room selection nights. After full groups have chosen, room selection will open to smaller groups.

We do not have a complete group. How can we find additional roommates?

Groups and/or individuals looking for additional roommates should sign up in the Open Groups Connection. This is an online listing of groups or individuals looking for roommates.

Can a friend that only has one year of housing join our group in the North Village Apartment Selection?

No. North Village Apartment Selection is for three-plus years in housing students only.

Can I appeal to participate in the North Village Apartment selection?

Yes. Please complete the appeal form.

Can a second-year in housing student live with a group of three-plus years in housing students in the Selection for Heritage?

Yes, but the group's room selection number will be impacted. The longer a student has lived on campus, the lower their selection number will be. After the roommate deadline, the group number will be averaged based on all matched roommates. Selection times are assigned beginning with the lowest group number.

Can we overload a room?

No. Overloading is not accepted in housing. No exceptions.


Room selection

Which person in the group can select the room?

Each group should assign one student to log in to select the room for the entire group. Be sure to discuss who will be in each bedroom as this student will be selecting bedroom placements in this step.


What do we do if there are no rooms that can accommodate our group size?

Your entire group will need to reduce or increase the students requested on your MyHousing page. After each student has reduced roommates, your group can then see what rooms are available for the new group size.

How do we reform our group if our room choice is not an option?

Each student will need to add or reduce roommates on their individual MyHousing pages. After roommate adjustments are revised, "Select a Room/Suite" lists available room choices for the new group.


Meal plan requirements

What are meal plan requirements for each hall?

A meal plan is required for all students with housing in Bodien, Edgren, Getsch, Nelson, Lissner, Arden Village, and Heritage. A meal plan is optional for students with housing in the North Village apartments. These apartments are equipped with full kitchens.


Off campus

Can I live off campus?

All students who are seeking an undergraduate degree and are under the age of 21 as of September 1 in the fall semester are required to live in university housing the entire academic year. Students who are part time (less than 12 credits), married, or living with one or both parents are exempt from this policy. The requirement is not based on academic credit status. Students who are over the age of 21 are encouraged to live in campus housing but are not required to. Learn more and find out if you qualify to appeal here

I lived off campus for this current year. Do I get to keep the frozen rate I had before I left campus?

No. Frozen rates are guaranteed only as long as you live on campus. This rate is canceled as soon as you leave campus. Upon return to campus housing, the new rate is put on your account, and you are guaranteed this new rate until you graduate.

Additional things students should consider when thinking about moving off campus:

  • Utilities are all inclusive in campus housing. These are extra costs at most off-campus options (electric, gas, water, garbage, internet, laundry).

  • You'll no longer have easy access to your room between classes.

  • Finding a parking spot each time you come to campus can be challenging.

  • You'll be farther away from Bethel friends.

  • No 24/7 support from Facilities Management and Security when problems arise.

  • Frozen housing rate is lost. If you plan to return to campus housing the following year, your rate will be higher.

  • Room selection numbers are based on years in housing. If you were to return to campus housing next year, your room selection number would be the same as now.

A great option to consider: Move "UP NORTH" to live in North Village for independent, apartment-style living. It offers the benefits of independent living while still in a Bethel community.


RA and BUILD housing mentors

I was hired to be an RA/BUILD Housing Mentor. What do I need to do?

Apply for housing, submit roommate requests and select your assigned room.

I am trying to request a friend that was hired as an RA/BUILD Housing Mentor or is planning to live with our group but cannot find them. What do I need to do?

Contact the friend to confirm they have submitted a housing application. Confirm you both selected the same room selection process. Adjust as needed using the room selection Change form on MyHousing.

When do we request roommates and select the room?

Begin as soon as the student hired as an RA has been notified. Complete this as soon as possible or by March 1, at the very latest.

What room selection do my roommates and I select on the housing application?

Upperclass room selection must be selected.

I am trying to request a friend that was hired as an RA/BUILD housing mentor or is planning to live with our group, but cannot find them. What do I need to do?

Contact the friend to remind them to submit a housing application.

Who selects the room for our group?

The student hired for the RA or BUILD Housing Mentor role selects the assigned room for the matched roommate group. Roommate group must be able to completely fill the assigned room before the room can be selected.


Study abroad

I will be a study abroad student this fall. Should I apply?

In collaboration with the Office of Study Abroad, potential fall 2024 study abroad students should participate in the spring 2024 Bethel Room Selection, despite our intention of having you off-campus in the fall. Therefore, please go ahead and apply for Bethel housing as you normally would. The Study Abroad office will notify Residence Life near the end of the spring semester with our final list of confirmed students, and Residence Life will utilize that list of names to waive the $150 housing cancellation fee in the event they do a study abroad.

How will you know where I want to live when I return?

Later this spring, your MyHousing page will have a form for you to complete outlining your housing needs and requests for when you return from abroad. An information sheet will be given out at your information meeting with the Office of International Studies.

I have been asked by a friend who is currently studying abroad this spring to apply for housing for them. How do I do this?

First, check to see if they have access to the internet. If so, they will be able to complete this step themselves. If not, stop by the Student Life Office for assistance in completing an application. All deadline dates apply.

I was gone for one term on a Bethel study abroad program. Do I count this as a full year in housing?

Yes. On the application you are asked to give the location you lived in for the past years. Choose the location you live at for the semester you were on the Bethel campus.

Can you hold or reserve a spot for me while I am abroad in the fall?

No, a spot cannot be held or reserved for the semester while you are gone. Each semester 40-80 students study abroad. The beds are needed for students that are on campus that semester.

I plan to be abroad in the fall and my friend will be abroad in the spring. Can we swap spots in a room?

Yes, often students talk amongst themselves and make these types of plans. Students abroad for the fall will note the room location on their application in November.

I plan to be abroad in the fall but don't know of a friend to swap places with. Is there a place to make this connection?

Feel free to use the Open Groups Connection for this.