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Go deeper in the lives of others by getting to know residents and serving them.

Looking for an exciting and challenging leadership role on campus? Being an RA provides the opportunity to invest in the residents that you work with—experiencing community and life together. As an RA, you'll also experience support and mentoring from experienced residence life staff.

Adding the RA role to your time at Bethel can be a way to engage in your education like never before. Bethel encourages students to grow as Christ-followers, truth-seekers, character-builders, learners, reconcilers, world-changers, and salt and light. The RA experience can add to your development and growth in all of these areas.       

College should help you prepare for life after you graduate. This position is a great way to continue to grow and go deeper in what the Lord has for you after your time at Bethel.

Applications are due February 5, but be sure to check out the RA selection timeline for other important dates.

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Being an Assistant Resident Director

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Ready to apply? It's quick and easy—but due by February 5.