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What We Are About

In Residence Life, we strive to be a home where students grow and thrive in connection with God and others. The primary role of the resident assistant (RA) is to develop relationships with students in order to walk alongside them as they learn about themselves, their relationship with Christ, and the Bethel community.

Time Commitment

The resident assistant job is a nine-month position. RAs will move in Sunday, August 11, 2024, and the position will end on May 27, 2025. RAs work 20 hours a week and are allowed 10–15 hours of additional commitments, which need to be approved by the hiring resident director. Extracurricular activities, jobs, internships, service-learning, and ministry commitments would fall into this category.

Time Away 

If you plan to be gone more than two consecutive nights, you must communicate with your resident director. If you plan on being gone more than five consecutive nights, you must seek approval from Residence Life prior to making your plans. In general, please communicate with your resident director if you would like to request time away. 

Minimum Requirements

The resident assistant must be a full-time (12 credits), degree-seeking student in an undergraduate program at Bethel University; able to commit to a full year (nine months); evidence of strong organizational and interpersonal skills, and a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Interim Away              

RAs are expected to serve for a full academic term; therefore January study abroad experiences are limited for RAs. Be sure you marked this on your application and discuss this with your RD as soon as possible—approval will be granted on a limited basis. You must speak with a Residence Life staff member if you consider January study abroad AFTER signing and submitting this agreement. 



RAs are expected to attend all spring and year-long commitments, including:

  • Spring Team Development day on Saturday, April 6, 2024 (8 a.m.–1 p.m.)
  • First Team Meeting, RD will establish times to connect with your team this Spring
  • RA Move-In: August 11, 2024
  • Bethel Student Leadership Retreat: TBD
  • Residence Life Training, Welcome Week and Move-In Weekend: August 11-25, 2024
  • Team Staff Retreat: TBD by your RD and team
  • Monthly Student Leadership Gatherings: TBD
  • Res Life Christmas Celebration and End of the Year Banquet: Dates and Times TBD


Resident assistants must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or above.


RA compensation is posted to student accounts through the financial aid process. Total compensation is $8,500 for the 2024–25 academic year. Half of the annual rate will be posted at the beginning of the fall semester and half will be posted at the beginning of the spring semester. Since RA compensation will be part of the financial aid package, it will affect the amount or types of loans students may borrow. RA compensation should not affect the number of grants or scholarships students receive; we recommend checking with the financial aid office to discuss the impact RA compensation will have on your financial aid. The RA will be responsible for the costs of a residence hall room and must sign a lease with the Bethel University housing office.

The RA will be responsible for the costs of a residence hall room and must sign a lease with the Bethel University housing office. The RA is also responsible for the cost of a meal plan that is based on the residence hall where they will be living.

The Resident Assistant (RA) role is a 20-hour/week position. The following represents a breakdown of the primary responsibilities of the RA role.

Percentage of Time Primary Responsibilities
25% Connecting with Residents: Takes initiative by connecting with residents in both formal and informal settings, Knows all residents and is aware of concerns and needs in the floor/stairwell community, Helps residents feel welcomed, known, and cared for.
20% Resident Engagement & Programming: Contributes ideas and/or follows-through on staff responsibilities for resident engagement & programming, Implements strategies and programs that contribute to resident well-being and a sense of belonging, Fully participates in and takes ownership of hall and floor events, programs, & shack events.
20% Duty: Serve in on-duty (7 p.m.-7 a.m.) rotation approximately once a week, occasional weekends and holidays.  During Duty: connect with residents, spend time in the Shack, complete administrative tasks, respond to emergencies, and other duties as assigned
10% Student Care, Concerns, & Confrontation: Understand and follow campus policies and procedures, Approaches student concerns with compassion and care, Confront students regarding observed policy violations and behavioral concerns, Communicates to Resident Director about any concerns or policy violations, Follows appropriate procedures for emergencies and confrontation, Submits incident reports in a timely manner.
10% Meetings: RA Staff Business Meeting, Team Development Time, Staff Chapel, One-on-One with Resident Director (RD) and/or Assistant Resident Director (ARD).
10% Administrative: Demonstrates responsibility by completing tasks on his or her own, Takes ownership for projects, completes tasks independently, & meets deadlines, On-time for meetings and attends regularly, Communicate effectively with the team, ARD, and the RD.
5% Other duties as assigned by your RD including but not limited to: attendance at RA training, res talks, staff retreats.
NA Role Model & Leadership: Maintains a positive attitude about the RA role, Engaged in staff relationships and team responsibilities, Contributes to a welcoming environment in the residence area, Positive role-model and leader in our residence area.