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Communications and Marketing

Vision: "Communicate to incoming students the important information necessary for WW"
Purpose: First, to communicate to all incoming students the necessary information for transitioning into Bethel. Second, to create the look and feel of Welcome Week based on the chosen theme verse.

Core Job Responsibilities

  • Implement WW brand
  • Colors & Logo
  • Staff Uniforms
  • Information Booth
  • Opportunity Fair
  • Campus Décor

Desired Skills

  • Creativity
  • Graphic Arts
  • Computer savvy
  • Artistic ability

Community Development

Vision: "To build a community out of the incoming students"
Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to create a shared experience through laughter so that it will bring the community together. 

Core Job Responsibilities

  • Saturday night “The Show”
  • Plan mixer for WW retreat
  • Plan welcome for new student worker event

Desired Skills

  • Creativity
  • Experience with theater
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Organization

Service Team

Vision: "To think through and communicate to staff & students the logistical concerns of becoming a Bethel student"
Purpose: The purpose of this committee is both logistical and experiential. It is logistical in that this committee needs to physically move each and every student’s belongings into their room as efficiently as possible. It is experiential in that they are in charge of creating a service experience that each floor can participate in.

Core Job Responsibilities

  • Organize new student move-in Process
  • Coordinate WW staff move-in
  • Airport Shuttle Runs
  • Organize Day of Worship

Desired Skills

  • Highly organized
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Comfortable with talking to strangers

Spiritual Development

Vision: "To challenge students in their spiritual journey with Jesus Christ"
Purpose: The primary purpose of the spiritual development committee is to provide ways to intentionally expose incoming students to the love of Christ. A secondary purpose is to help care for the spiritual health of the Welcome Week staff.

Core Job Responsibilities:

  • Sunday night “Koinonia” service
  • Provide spiritual nourishment for WW staff
  • Write devotional for survival guide
  • Work with Campus Ministries on Saturday “Celebration and Commitment” service
  • Provide staff prayer/worship

Desired Skills

  • Creative
  • Good written and oral communication
  • Has a heart for spiritual leadership within the Welcome Week community

Team Development

Vision: "To build a small group community where each student is a significant part of the team"
Purpose: The purpose of this committee is to create an environment where a core group can work as a team to accomplish a goal. This is not limited to one particular form. This could be a game, scavenger hunt, or other activity where teamwork and collaboration are emphasized. This committee is also responsible for providing oversight to the development of the WW core group training, by providing opportunities that will help prepare each WW staff member to lead a core group.

Core Job Responsibilities

  • Friday night event
  • Student worker night (Wednesday)
  • Student worker night promo video
  • Staff ice breakers
  • Staff core group training

Desired Skills

  • Creative
  • Motivated
  • Good with large groups
  • Unconventional ways of thinking

Transition Team

Vision: "To focus on transfer students, commuter students and core groups"
Purpose: To give special attention to the transfer and commuter students who have a different new student experience than traditional freshman. This committee is the only one that will have responsibilities with orientation into September of 2017.

Core Job Responsibilities

  • General Transfer and Commuter Care
  • “Commuter Lounge”
  • Thursday night Transfer/Commuter Event
  • Various Transfer/Commuter Special Events
  • Birthday Celebrations (during WW)

Desired Skills

  • Experience with the transfer/commuter/PSEO experience.
  • Good at small talk
  • Good at creating intimate environments for people to connect.

Visual Impact

Vision: "To use technology as a tool to visually impact the incoming students and facilitate the messages in WW events."
Purpose: To create cool videos and impact the look of Welcome Week.

Core Job Responsibilities

  • Create video for spring welcomes
  • Communicate with all committee heads about the use of videos during WW
  • Create a staff highlight video
  • Film ALL events
  • Create kickoff video among others
  • Make final show & staff DVD

Desired Skills

  • Creativity
  • Experience with video editing (iMovie, Premiere, Final Cut).
  • Experience with video or still cameras.
  • Script writing experience.