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Frequently Asked Questions

We know the college admissions process can be confusing. Don’t despair! Here are some clear answers to the most common admissions and application questions. 

What are the requirements for admission to Bethel?

Each school at Bethel University has its own admission requirements and process. Visit the following links to learn more:

Can I apply online?

Yes! All of our schools and programs accept online applications. Follow the links above for more information.

How religious do I have to be to attend Bethel? Do I have to be a Christian?

At Bethel University, Christian faith and academic learning are inextricably linked. That said, only the undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences and Bethel Seminary have a faith requirement. As part of the application process, undergraduate and seminary students must sign A Covenant for Life Together and supply spiritual references.

You do not have to be Christian or particularly religious to apply to the Graduate School or the adult undergraduate programs offered through the College of Adult & Professional Studies. While matters of faith will undoubtedly arise during classroom discussion, the emphasis in our adult programs is more on moral decision-making and ethical standards.

Is an interview required?

Each of our schools and programs has different requirements and recommendations for admissions interviews.

  • Undergraduate programs - Interviews are not required, but recommended.
  • Graduate programs - Interviews are required for all graduate programs.
  • Adult undergraduate programs - Interviews may be required upon the request of the admissions office.
  • Seminary programs - Interviews are required for select programs and upon the request of the admissions office.

When will I hear if I'm accepted?

Each school and many individual degree programs have their own application deadlines and admissions processes. Don’t hesitate to contact your admissions counselor or advisor for more information. See contact information for each school at the bottom of this page.

How much does Bethel cost and is financial aid available?

Different tuition and fees are applied to each school and program at Bethel University and we offer financial aid to all qualifying students. Learn more about program costs and the financial aid application process at the following links:

How do I set up an appointment with a Bethel admissions counselor?

We love talking with prospective students. Don’t hesitate to contact us at the following email addresses and phone numbers:

Undergraduate Admissions

Contact your individual admissions counselor directly. You can also email the admissions office at undergrad-admissions@bethel.edu or call 651.638.6242 or 800.255.8706 ext. 6242

Adult Undergraduate Admissions

Meet our enrollment counselors. You can also email us at caps@bethel.edu or call 651.635.8000 or 800.255.8706 ext. 8000

Graduate Admissions

Meet our enrollment counselors. You can also email us at gs@bethel.edu or call 651.635.8000 or 800.255.8706 ext. 8000

Seminary Admissions

We have enrollment counselors serving at each of our locations who are happy to meet with you. You can also email us at bsem-admit@bethel.edu or call 651.638.6288 or 800.255.8706 ext. 6288