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Endowment Management

Endowments are restricted gifts. Donors can choose to set up endowments that are more general, strengthening the entire Bethel institution, or they can be more specific, such as scholarships to support students in specific programs.

Managing Endowed Funds

At the Bethel Foundation, we have a strong staff and investment committee that manages all endowed funds.

This team ensures funds are managed professionally by following best practices for institutional investing:

  • Sound governance structure
  • Relevant policies, strategies, and objectives
  • Effective implementation expertise
  • Strong standards for monitoring and measuring performance results
  • Regular oversight
  • Focus on long-term goals

Through following these practices the Bethel Foundation's investment portfolio has shown solid investment returns.

More Information

Learn more about creative giving opportunities, including scholarships or other specific gifts.

Interested in talking with someone on our team? Contact Angie Hjelle at 651.635.1001 or a-hjelle@bethel.edu for more information.