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Non-Cash Gift Management

One of the services the Bethel Foundation provides is the management of non-cash gifts that have been donated to Bethel. Our team has extensive experience managing and liquidating a wide range of gifts.

Types of Non-Cash Gifts

We have experience managing all kinds of non-cash gifts, including:

  • Marketable securities
  • Real estate
    • Apartment buildings or duplexes
    • Personal residences
    • Commercial real estate
    • Farm or ranch land
    • Vacant residential lots
    • Undeveloped real estate parcels
  • Yachts
  • Precious stones
  • Insurance
  • Furs
  • Cemetery lots
  • Precious metals and coins
  • Personal property

More Information

Learn more about non-cash gifts and other creative giving opportunities.

Interested in talking with our team? Contact Angie Hjelle at 651.635.1001 or a-hjelle@bethel.edu for more information.