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Strategic Growth Award Application

The Bethel University Foundation seeks to award grants exclusively to Bethel University. Awards will be granted to initiatives that enhance the effective and sustainable 1) growth of Bethel's enrollments and/or 2) affordability of a Bethel education.

These initiatives may be sponsored by academic departments, athletic teams, academic support functions, operational departments, and special projects. Award determinations will be made in the sole discretion of the Foundation Board of Governors.

Any questions regarding the grant application form may be directed to a-hjelle@bethel.edu.

PLEASE NOTE: Applications must be approved by your direct supervisor and cabinet member before applying to ensure alignment with University strategies. In planning your application, give your Cabinet member a week to review and sign your proposal which is due March 1. After they review and approve your proposal, please upload a signed signature page as a PDF in the space provided in the application form.

Strategic Growth Award Approval (.docx)

Strategic Growth Award Application Instructions (.docx)

Strategic Growth Award Budget Template (.xlsx) 

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