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Accepting Students into Your Service

It is Bethel University's policy that students should not be contacting you directly for placement into your service. Initial contact should come from either our Program Director or the Clinical Coordinator requesting your participation with clinical teaching at Bethel University. If there is not a contract already established with Bethel University, our Clinical Coordinator will coordinate with the individual who has authority to sign contracts for your site to prepare an agreement between our two institutions. This is usually a fairly straightforward process.

Benefits for Preceptors - A Valued Partner

Bethel University preceptors are extremely valuable to our Nurse-Midwifery program. We recognize that each of our preceptors has a unique set of qualities and interests related to our profession, and we invite you to share with our faculty any potential guest lecture interests you may have. We cannot begin to thank you for your commitment to our students. Preceptors will receive the following benefits:

  • Guest lecturer/presentation opportunities to our students (enhance personal CV as desired)
  • Bethel University Library privileges (online access)
  • ACNM CEU from AMCB for the time you spend as a preceptor (ACMB CEU Policy)

Required Documentation of All Preceptors

For accreditation purposes, Bethel University will need to verify certain documentation.  Please use this list as a checklist of documents we need to verify of anyone who will be serving as a preceptor to a Bethel University nurse-midwifery student.  We will request the following from you when we vet your site or onboard you as a new preceptor:

  • CV/Resume
  • RN license
  • CNM license
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse license (in states where APRN status is recognized)
  • Documentation of certification and enrollment in the ACMB Certificate Maintenance Program (CMP)
  • Participation in vetting of clinical site for new practices particpating in precepting nurse-midwifery students
  • Signed copy of one of the following Preceptor Orientation Forms:

We will be happy to collect the items listed above when we visit your site, or you can send via email, fax, or mail as follows:

Please scan and email these to:
Sarah Bordewyk, BSN, RN
651.638.6743 (office)
651.287.0824 (fax)

Or mail them to:
Bethel University - Nurse-Midwifery Program
Attn: Sarah Bordewyk – PO# 2354
3900 Bethel Drive
Arden Hills, MN 55112

Accreditation and Program Goals

This is to notify you that the Bethel University Nurse-Midwifery Program will be having an accreditation review by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME) on Oct 3-5, 2016.

In accordance with the ACME Policies and Procedures, ACME is seeking written third-party comment concerning the qualifications for accreditation of the following nurse-midwifery programs. These programs will be reviewed for renewal of accreditation and initial accreditation preaccreditation at the February 2017 ACME Board of Review meeting. Upon request, comments will be considered confidential.

Your comments will be included with other program materials undergoing review next February 2017. In all instances, your comments must directly relate to the continuing accreditation of a program and the ACME Criteria for Programmatic Accreditation, (December 2009, Revised June 2013, April 2015, April 2016). This document may be found at http://www.midwife.org/Accreditation under ACME Documents. Please cite the particular criterion of concern in your comments.

All written comments should be sent to the attention of Heather L. Maurer, ACME Executive Director, hmaurer@acnm.org, or mailed to ACME at 8403 Colesville Rd., Suite 1550, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

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