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Navigating Bethel: Supervisor Responsibilities and Resources

Welcome to your new role as a supervisor at Bethel University! The Office of Human Resources desires to equip and support you in this important work that you are doing. This begins with meeting with your human resources partner for an introduction to the ways the two of you will work together. These categories include:

Department Oversight

Staff Employee Policies

The staff Employee Handbook is a great resource for many of the questions you'll have in your new role as a supervisor.

Department Dress code

The staff Employee Handbook provides personal appearance guidelines to help you determine the appropriate dress code for your department's work environment.

Human Resources Supervisor Toolkit

The supervisor toolkit provides you the tools and resources necessary to do your job and successfully manage your team. This toolkit contains helpful information and resources for you in your role as a supervisor.

Chapel Attendance

Bethel encourages its employees to take advantage of chapel throughout the week as work schedules allow. CAS Chapel Schedules are posted on the Campus Ministries website. Some offices do close during chapel, depending on the services offered by each department. As the supervisor you are able to encourage your employees to attend chapel as the department schedule allows.

Employee Oversight

Job Descriptions

Each staff position has a job description that lists the position title, department, essential functions, supervisor responsibilities, job specifications and other applicable information. The university uses a standard format for staff job descriptions. Your human resources partner will work alongside of you when revising or creating a job description.

Employee Leave Approvals

Nonexempt employees are required to complete monthly time sheets and submit by the 19th calendar day of each month (4th and 19th for Seminary San Diego). This also includes the necessary time for the supervisor to approve as verification of time worked before it is submitted to Human Resources each month.

Exempt employees are required to complete monthly leave reports and submit by the 4thcalendar day of the following month (4th and 19th for Seminary San Diego). Although your approval is not required, you are able to view leave balances.

How to Approve Timesheets/Leave Reports (pdf)

Recognition and Appreciation

Bethel values the importance of recognizing our employees for the work that they do. This includes teams and individuals, and as a supervisor you have the opportunity to model and encourage a culture of recognition. Human resources provides numerous tools to partner with you.


Hiring Process

There will be a variety of events and changes you'll oversee with the staff positions in your department from requesting a new or existing position, hiring for positions, requesting short term assignments, and so forth. Some of the forms you will need are available on the HR website, but make sure you contact your HR Partner to work alongside of you.


Bethel’s Royal On-Boarding Program for new staff employees intentionally connects them to the values, mission, and vision of our organization. New employees have the opportunity throughout their first year to connect to and experience The Bethel Distinction (pdf). As a supervisor, you play a key role in assisting your new employee to engage in his or her work, and connect their role to the larger work of the university.

Some supervisor roles also include:

Student Employment

The human resources Student Employment website guides you through the process of creating a student position and hiring a student. Your own supervisor will be able to help you determine if your department has the funds for student worker positions.


The first step is to work with your supervisor to determine what budgeting oversight and responsibilities are within your role. Then, if applicable, contact the University Controller in the Business Office to assist with you with the budgeting process.

Purchase Orders

Purchasing Services will assist you with the purchasing process at Bethel. Your supervisor will be able to help you determine the funds available and type of purchases that are within your area of oversight.

Centralized University Services

The university has key services that support and assist the work that we do together. Each department seeks to help you navigate their specialized functions through key resources.

Business Office employee resources will help you understand and manage business expenses, corporate credit cards, and office spending.

Conference and Event Services helps Bethel community members plan and execute excellent campus events. This includes utilizing the EMS (Event Management System) process to request and reserve spaces for meetings and events.

Facilities Management serves the community by providing spaces, facilities, work and service requests, and grounds that enhance the daily experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Information Technology Services (ITS) works in a variety of areas, from assisting customers at the Help Desk, to maintaining our website and supporting applications that Bethel uses every day.

Marketing and Communications promotes Bethel University through publications, advertising, websites, and feature stories both internally and externally. Access their services and resources at the start of you planning process.