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Pricing change for CAPS courses


In the last few years, Cabinet and I have committed to keeping faculty and staff better informed of enrollment numbers at Bethel. Despite efforts to increase enrollment numbers in the College of Adult & Professional Studies, we’ve noticed new student numbers continue to decrease—a trend seen at similar programs in the area as well.

As a result, the enrollment management team for the College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS), Bethel Seminary, and Graduate School (GS) has decided to simplify costs for CAPS students. Starting Fall 2017, tuition for all programs will drop or remain the same at $430 per credit except for nursing. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing will be $495 per credit. In addition, we will eliminate all fees to allow students to better anticipate the costs of a CAPS degree. For a complete list of programs and costs, visit the College of Adult & Professional Studies financial aid website.

We’re also in the process of creating more flexible and frequent start times for programs. Our goal is to allow new students to begin every six weeks or less, instead of having to wait months to begin certain programs. We’re confident that all of these changes will make an adult undergraduate degree from Bethel more accessible to students.

We remain committed to offering a high-quality academic experience in our adult undergraduate programs at a rate that’s affordable. Thank you to everyone who helps to make this possible. We are optimistic that by lowering our costs, eliminating fees, and making our start times more flexible, we will make Bethel’s programs more market competitive and start to increase enrollment in CAPS again.

Serving Together,