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Space Planning Update


On behalf of the Space Planning Coordinating Committee, we want to provide an update on our work. Last summer and fall we formed several teams to work on different aspects of our space planning based on the Campus Master Plan 2.0 and our forthcoming comprehensive fundraising campaign. Groups were launched based on the complexity of planning required for the different areas and the overall timeline for our comprehensive fundraising campaign. We are working hard to include people from the areas that are most closely involved with these projects.

We have also contracted with BWBR, a local architecture firm with extensive experience working in higher education, to help us develop high-level plans for various parts of our space planning work.

Below we have provided updates on the six current working groups. Please keep in mind that this is an iterative process and that things are in varying stages of development. We will keep you informed as these projects move forward, recognizing that this is a complex process that will take place over several years.

Sciences Working Group
Members – Brian Beecken, Joel Frederickson, Nathan Gossett, Brian Hyatt, Rollin King, Carole Young

The sciences group began their work by articulating a vision for sciences at Bethel that they then used to guide their work. The group has met with BWBR to develop concepts for our science space. BWBR also met with individual department chairs and recently completed a draft of two possible space plans. The group has been reviewing those plans. We anticipate bringing a proposed plan to the university community within the next several weeks for feedback. 

Maker Space Working Group
Members – Barrett Fisher, Kent Gerber, Nathan Gossett, Christy Hanson, Jessie Henderson, Bob Kistler, Mike Lindsey, Sam Mulberry, Matt Putz, Tracy Reimer, Ripley Smith, Paula Soneral, Ken Steinbach, David Stewart, April Vinding

The maker space group is focusing on creative and interactive learning spaces. With the move of the Teaching and Learning Technology team to the Anderson Center (ANC), we have decided to use the space they vacated in the University Library as our first maker space. This group is developing a plan for that space that will serve students across the university with an anticipated opening in spring 2017.

Arts and Humanities Working Group
Members – This group is currently being formed. Wayne Roosa has agreed to lead it.

As a Christian liberal arts university, the arts and humanities are an essential part of achieving our mission. This group’s space planning work provides the opportunity to support and enhance Bethel’s arts and humanities programs through our physical space. The group’s initial task is to articulate a vision for the arts and humanities at Bethel that will then inform how they think about space planning. 

Administrative Offices to Anderson Center Working Group
Members – Beth Anderson, Pat Brooke, Tim Eaton, Joe LaLuzerne, Mike Lindsey, Mark Posner, Carmen Shields, Mike Spande, Michael Vedders, Cara Wald, Natalie Williams

Representatives from Information Technology Services, Human Resources (HR), Marketing and Communications, and the Business Office have been meeting to plan their move from current offices at 3900 to the 5th floor of the Anderson Center. BWBR has gathered input from department staff and provided several concepts for review. We anticipate these offices will move by fall 2017. 

Business and Economics Working Group
Members – Amanda Carter, Pamela Erwin, Jeff Jacob, Joyce LeMay

The CAS Department of Business and Economics will move to the RC 3rd floor space across from the gym after HR and Marketing and Communications move to ANC. (Admissions and Financial Aid will also move to new locations, which are yet to be determined.) BWBR has been working with this group to develop a plan for their new space. We anticipate their move to the new space in fall 2018.

One-Stop Shop Working Group
Members – Jim Benjamin, Amy Blaz, Pat Brooke, Jodi Buchholz, Tim Eaton, Bret Hyder, Diane Krusemark, Mike Lindsey, Jeff Olson, Bethany Opsata, Deb Sullivan-Trainor, Cara Wald, William Washington

As part of our Moving the Needle work in CAS, we are pursuing the idea of a central location (both physical and virtual) where students can receive help with admissions, financial aid, billing and tuition, registration, and registrar-related processes, and other transactional processes that are part of a student's experience. This does not necessarily mean that all of these offices will be located together. This group is exploring and identifying the kind of physical and virtual spaces that would best serve our students in these critical student service areas.

We anticipate forming additional groups as our space planning work continues. We are grateful for the people who are involved in these groups and for the wisdom and expertise they bring to this process. This is exciting work as we imagine and plan for how to serve our students well into the future to tackle the world’s challenging problems to God’s glory and for our neighbors’ good.

Deb Harless, executive vice president and provost
Joe LaLuzerne, senior vice president for strategic planning and operational effectiveness 

On behalf of the Space Planning Coordinating Committee – Annette Abel, Beth Anderson, Katie Bonawitz, Pat Brooke, David Clark, Paul Ferris, Mike Lindsey, Mark Miles, Mark Posner, Wayne Roosa, Deb Sullivan-Trainor