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Staff Appreciation Day

Hi Staff Employees,
It may still be winter, but planning for this summer has begun. Our approach last year to Staff Appreciation Day was a great success. By allowing each office/department to personalize and organize their own staff appreciation day, survey results showed we had the highest ratings of employees liking Staff Appreciation Day that we’ve had in years. Survey results also revealed staff employees not only liked this new approach a great deal, but our most important outcome was achieved: you felt appreciated.
Because our Recognition and Appreciation Program’s mission is to recognize and reward more employees more often and last year’s participation rate increased over 50% from previous years, I’m pleased to announce we will once again offer the opportunity for each team (or a combination of teams where teams are small) to choose a day to have their own Staff Appreciation Day. Your team will get to choose the date, time, and activity that best meets the needs, interests, and preferences for your team, and we will again provide $25 per staff employee. 
In light of employee feedback, we are extending the time frame from only the month of June to one day between May 15 and August 15. This will allow employees who do not work summer months to participate, and it will provide more time for departments to organize and find a date and activity that will work best for your team.
We want to celebrate with you and thank you for all the work you do for Bethel. We’ll continue celebrating with our annual corn roast and ice cream social later in August. Watch E-Announcements for more details soon.
I look forward to seeing pictures from all the different Staff Appreciation Days again this year. 
It’s a pleasure to joyfully recognize and appreciate our Bethel community together with you!

Michelle Barringer, MA

Training and Recognition Specialist

Office of Human Resources