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Chief Advancement Officer Announcement


I am pleased to announce that Jim Bender has been appointed as Bethel’s Chief Advancement Officer. In December with the departure of Mark Miles, I asked Jim to serve as Interim Chief Advancement Officer. In just a few weeks, I have been impressed with Jim’s performance and, along with the Board of Trustees Compensation Committee, have decided to remove “Interim” from his title. This change became effective February 1.

I am grateful for Jim’s willingness to take on this role and look forward to the wisdom, drive, and energy he brings to move the campaign forward. Already in the last few weeks, Jim has put an emphasis on adding new prospective donors to our lists and has connected with existing donors. He has also re-structured the campaign goal into smaller, more manageable amounts to raise each year that fit with our construction schedule while also building momentum to the final amount of $150 million. Jim has also taken over the weekly prayer emails sent to trustees and other engaged donors. Through them he demonstrates his strong faith in Christ and trust that with God’s help Bethel will achieve our fundraising goals.

Finally, with Jim’s role change in December, Jennifer Scott moved from the Assistant Director of Alumni and Family Relations to the Interim Director. Jennifer will now be the Director of Alumni and Family Relations.

Please join me in congratulating both Jim and Jennifer as they engage our alumni and donors to help Bethel become the Christ-centered university of choice for this century, for God’s glory and our neighbors’ good.

Serving together,

Jay Barnes