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Update on Innovations


We wanted to provide an update on the Innovations Working Group recommendations that we announced in November during the Community Gathering. Cabinet has had a chance to review them thoroughly and has made progress on some already.

  • Housing for Students Under 21: Required housing for students under the age of 21 has been approved. This change will start with incoming first-year students for Fall 2019. All currently enrolled students will be grandfathered in. Special conditions have been developed for transfer students.
  • Royal Academy: Director of Conference and Event Services Avis Soderstrom is the sponsor and helping to move this idea forward. The next update to Cabinet is scheduled for May.  
  • Lacrosse: This idea is on hold until Bethel acquires funding for a turf field. Given fundraising expectations, the field would be available no earlier than spring 2021.
  • Military: This idea has been approved and is moving forward. We recently posted a position for an executive director of military and veteran enrollment and support. 
  • Interim: We have decided to not change the way we charge for Interim at this time.
  • Women in Philanthropy: Associate Vice President for Development Jeanne Osgood will create a proposal by May to present to Cabinet. 
  • Royal Road Show: This idea has been approved and Cabinet is currently considering funding options for it. 

Additional background on these innovations was discussed at the November 2018 Community Gathering and you can view the slides from that presentation online (pdf).

We appreciate everyone across the university who has contributed to these ideas. We are especially grateful for those who have stepped up to help us keep recommendations moving forward. We will continue to provide updates to all faculty and staff as appropriate.

Serving Together,

Jay, John, Amy, Jim, Deb, Mark, Ruben, Michael, and Cara