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Board of Trustees

The Bethel University Board of Trustees is a group of men and women affirmed by Converge Worldwide to be the policy-making body of the university.

Meet the Board Members

All Bethel board members are experienced professionals who have a strong Christian faith and deep commitment to the values of the university. As a group, they’re responsible for selecting and nominating new board candidates that represent a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Role of the Board

In service to Bethel, the board:

  • Supervises the work of university leadership
  • Provides guidance on strategic issues
  • Is responsible to maintain the institution’s academic and spiritual quality
  • Ensures that the traditional biblical, historically baptistic principles and doctrine of affiliated churches are not compromised
  • Sees that Bethel’s evangelical, pietist heritage is sustained into the future

To accomplish these things, the trustees appoint the president, confirm those serving in leadership, appoint faculty, establish major university policy and strategic direction, and approve budgets