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Students are responsible to meet all graduation requirements based on their academic catalog. Degrees are awarded within one month of completion of the last degree requirement. You will be notified via email once your degree has been awarded.


Once your degree is awarded and you have no financial holds on your account, your diploma will be sent via postal mail to the address we have on file. Please notify us with any address changes after graduation by filling out the change of data form.

Undergrad (CAS) Students

Graduation Policies

Please view the catalog for all graduation policies and requirements. For questions regarding graduation requirements students should contact their Academic Advisor. For further questions contact the Assistant Registrar cas-registrar@bethel.edu.

Apply to Graduate

All students must apply to graduate in order to walk in the commencement ceremony and graduate from Bethel. A year before your anticipated graduation, we will put a graduation hold on your record. You will not be able to register for courses until this hold has been removed by the Registrar’s Office. Your advisor cannot remove this hold.

To apply to graduate and remove the graduation hold, please complete the following steps:

     1. Export a PDF of the Degree Works Evaluation in the Student View format. To print your DegreeWorks to a PDF, click the “Save as PDF” button. Then, in the new window that appears, select the print button. You will use the information on the evaluation to complete the Graduation Application in step 4.

  • Remember: If you are pursuing two majors within both a B.A. and a B.S. degree program, you will need to toggle the “Degree” box at the top of your evaluation to view the appropriate degree program evaluation of the selected major.

    2.  Review your notated Degree Works evaluation with your Advisor (Understanding your degree evaluation and applying for graduation tutorial).

  • PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need to know the exact courses you plan to take. We just want to make sure you have a viable plan to complete your requirements by your expected graduation date.

    3. Notate your DegreeWorks. Next to each, unchecked requirements in yellow, indicate how and when you plan to complete the missing items by inputting the course(s), semester and year.

    4. Fill Out the Graduation Application and Attach your notated Degree Works audit on the bottom of page two, “Academic Graduation Plan”.   
  • The application will not allow you to submit it if any of the items do not comply with Bethel Graduation Requirements. You cannot change your application submission once it is submitted, but you can update your plan if it changes.
  • Please type advisor name and email information carefully.

     5. Submit the application. Your application and degree evaluation will receive a secondary final sign off by your advisor for verification, before it is reviewed by the Assistant Registrar. You will receive a follow-up email after the review is complete. Applications are generally processed within 1-3 business days. Please be checking your email closely.

  • If you have any questions about your graduation requirements and/or your completion plan after talking with your advisor, please send an email to cas-registrar@bethel.edu to request a video or phone call appointment with the Assistant Registrar.

Once you complete the process listed above, you will be put on the graduation list and can begin receiving graduation ceremony information from the Commencement Liaison in the Academic Affairs Office.


All information about commencement will be sent to your Bethel email from the Commencement Liaison. You can also review other undergraduate commencement activities on the Event Services commencement site.

Adult Undergrad and Graduate Students

Graduation Policies

Please view the catalog (Adult Undergraduate or Graduate Studies) for all graduation policies and requirements.

For questions regarding graduation requirements students should contact the Office of Student Success at student-success@bethel.edu or 651-635-8800.

Apply to Graduate

All CAPS and GS students who wish to commence on must complete the Commencement Application to be placed on the commencement list. 


Not sure if you're eligible to commence? Contact your Student Success Advisor.

Contact Daniel Nimlos at caps-sem-gs-commencement@bethel.edu or review the commencement website with questions regarding commencement events.


Graduation Policies

Students are responsible for meeting the graduation requirements set forth in the catalog at the time of their matriculation. Students who take extended leaves of absence of four or more consecutive terms are subject to the graduation requirements set forth in the catalog at the time of their reinstatement unless written permission was obtained from the Office of the Registrar before the extended leave. 

For questions regarding graduation requirements, students should contact their Student Success Advisor at seminary-advising@bethel.edu.

Apply to Graduate

Students must apply to graduate by February 1 of the academic year in which they anticipate graduation. The application can be found here.


Commencement is held in the spring of each year. Participation in graduation ceremonies is expected. Students planning to graduate in absentia should indicate their plan on the graduation application. Any changes in plans to attend commencement made after the submission of the application should be communicated to caps-sem-gs-commencement@bethel.edu.