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Here’s a quick guide to understanding some of the terms Bethel uses for student grades and transcripts.

School Terminology

CAS – College of Arts and Science – Undergraduate
CAPS – College of Adult & Professional Studies – Undergraduate and Certificates
GS – Graduate School – Graduate and Certificates
SEM – Seminary – Graduate and Certificates

Degrees Granted

CAS – Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Certificate

CAPS – Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Certificate

GS – Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science, Doctor of Education, Certificate

SEM – Master of Arts, Master of Divinity, Doctor of Ministry, Certificate

Grading System

A 4.0 Exceptional
A- 3.7
B+ 3.3
B 3.0 Good
B- 2.7
C+ 2.3
C 2.0 Satisfactory
C- 1.7
D+ 1.3
D 1.0 Minimally Acceptable
D- 0.7
F 0.0 Failing

AU or X – Audit
I or IN – Incomplete
IP – In Progress
N – No Grade or Non-Graded Course
NR – Not Reported
P – Passing
QA-QC and QS, QU, QW – Study Abroad Transfer Credit
S – Satisfactory
TA-TC, TS, and CR – Transfer Credit
U – Unsatisfactory
W – Withdrawal
WZ – Audit Not Completed

In CAS, the S grade indicates at least D level achievement.
In CAPS, the S grade indicates at least D level achievement.
In GS, the S grade indicates at least B level achievement.
In SEM, the P grade indicates at least C level achievement.

Course Numbers and Levels

100 to 199 – Freshman Level
200 to 299 – Sophomore Level
300 to 399 – Junior Level
400 to 499 – Senior Level
500 to 799 – Graduate (Master’s) Level
800 to 999 – Graduate (Doctorate) Level

Course Suffixes


Suffixes denote specific general education requirements met. One course can have multiple letters signifying meeting multiple general education requirements.


DE, DI or MD – Suffixes denotes a course that was taken online with no in class time
SE – Suffix denotes a course that was taken at the Seminary of the East campus
SD – Suffix denotes a course that was taken at the San Diego campus
SP – Suffix denotes a course that was taken at the St. Paul campus
CC—Suffix denotes a course taken through Campus Crusade Staff Training
YL – Suffix denotes a course taken through Young Life Staff Training
RM – Suffix denotes a course taken through Rural Home Missionary Association TACT training program

Honors Program

The undergraduate Honors Program at Bethel combines all honors classes and a senior project with a minimum of two additional courses contracted individually with the professor. The courses are designated with either “HON” prefixes or “H” suffixes as part of the course number. Students who complete the Honors Program have “Honors Program Graduate” or “Completed Honors Program” on their transcripts.

Transfer Work

All transfer work is listed at the top of the transcript. The institution where you earned the transfer work is also noted. The note “Gen. Transfer” indicates that the source institution was either not in our system or from our legacy system. Transfer work is not counted in the institutional GPA and the transfer grade must be a ‘C’ or higher.


Throughout the years we've made some changes to the terms used for grading and transcripts. If you’re seeing terms on your transcript not listed here, please contact our team. We’re happy to help.