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Other Sources of Transfer Credits

Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Discipleship Training School

  • Students must send an official transcript from the University of the Nations to Bethel University
  • Students may receive up to 12 transfer credits, as follows:
    • BIB101    Introduction to the Bible (3 cr)
    • BIB1        Bible Electives (9 cr)
    • GES1—Z Cross-Cultural Experience (gen ed requirement) (0 cr)

Military Basic Training

  • Students must send an official transcript to Bethel University.
  • Students may receive up to 4 transfer credits, as follows:
    • HAS120 First Aid (1 cr)
    • PEA1—Q Leisure and Lifetime Sport (gen ed requirement) (1 cr)
    • PEA1 Physical Education Elective (2 cr)


  • Students must send an official transcript from the college or university to Bethel.
  • Many of these courses will be listed under the coordinating school in the Transfer Evaluation System (TES). You may submit a petition if you do not see it listed in TES.
  • All credits earned in the program will transfer into Bethel.

International Exams

Students who complete high school outside the U.S. and who pass national exams such as the French baccalauréat or British A-levels may be eligible to receive credit for some first-year courses. Please send the transcripts to Bethel and contact the Office of the Registrar if you have additional questions.

Study Abroad/Off-Campus Programs

Please check with the Office of International Studies / Off Campus Programs for information on approved study abroad schools and programs. If not part of an approved study abroad school or program, official transcripts for all courses completed at colleges outside of the United States must be evaluated (and translated, if needed) by an approved evaluation agency or U.S. college or university. Examples of evaluation agencies are World Evaluation Services and Educational Credential Evaluators Inc.


  • Internships, field experiences, and vocational or technical course work will not transfer to Bethel.
  • Courses must be at the 100-level (1000-level for colleges using a four-digit numbering system) and higher are accepted for transfer. Remedial courses are not accepted for transfer.