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Adult Undergraduate

Registering for Courses

The Registrar's Office automatically registers new students in their first one or two terms of enrollment (one term only for those conditionally accepted and certain programs). 

Students self-register for all subsequent terms, by following their individualized Academic Plan, created in consultation with their Student Success Advisor.

See the registration dates for the term in which you are registering.

Please note: Registration requires that all financial obligations and other requirements have been met.

Your student success advisor is here to help with any registration changes or questions. If you need to make changes, please first contact your Student Success Advisor.

Course Schedules and Degree Progress

Find your course schedule anytime through the Active Courses channel in MyBethel. Check the Course Catalog for full course descriptions, requirements, and degree information.

If you'd like to know what requirements you've already met, it's easy to run a degree evaulation online.

Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing from Courses

You can add, drop or withdraw from courses you're taking by making an update to your online registration. All online changes are final on the day they are made and may affect your financial aid.

Before making a change to your registration, see the registration dates for the term in which you are registering.

To add, drop or withdraw from a course:

  • Go to the Registration channel in MyBethel.
  • Select Add or Drop Classes.
  • Select the appropriate term.
  • Use the action box next to each class to select the courses you’d like to drop.
  • Submit changes.

If you are dropping or withdrawing from your last (or only) class, you will not be able to complete this online. You will need to contact your student success advisor at student-success@bethel.edu or 651.635.8800.

Individual Course Registration

Certain types of course registrations require a request and approval process before you can be registered. See below for more information and to start the request process. Remember to first contact your student success advisor.