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M.A. (Christian Thought)

Christian thought is about more than a worldview. It’s about integrating truth with life.

Our Master of Arts in Christian Thought is about exploring the intersection of Christian thought and contemporary culture and applying your knowledge to everyday issues. You’ll build a strong foundation in Bible, theology, and philosophy to face the pressing challenges of modern society. You’ll prepare for transformative engagement and gain confidence to make significant contributions to your church, your community, and our world.

Program Option(s)

M.A. (Christian Thought)

In this program, you’ll gain a strong biblical foundation and deep understanding of theology that will allow you to engage meaningfully with your community as you apply the Christian faith to the cultural and social issues of the day.

Deliveries Face to Face, and Online
Locations Online, and St. Paul
Credits 36
Tuition per Credit $508
Estimated Total Tuition $18,288*

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Engage and Transform Culture

The world needs leaders, in any profession, who have thought deeply about the Christian faith and the implications of the gospel for the 21st century. The church needs thought leaders who dynamically contextualize biblical truth and theology. Christians need men and women who create authentic Christian communities grounded on a vibrant and relevant theology. Skeptics need followers of Jesus who communicate truth with theological depth, compelling relevance, and relational authenticity. Deep learning about the rationality of this Christian faith and its connection with the contemporary world is essential across cultures and across professions.

Our professors have crafted a program that mines the integration of theology with the world’s religions, science, the media, and the arts (literature, film, or visual art). Studying with them, you’ll learn how to engage culture intellectually, express faith reasonably, and transform your context powerfully with the gospel.

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Program Highlights

Relevant preparation

You’ll learn to integrate theology and current issues, preparing you to apply your understanding of Christianity in modern social and cultural contexts.

Missional focus

You’ll practice using your skills in offering a case for the Christian faith in the face of the challenges of modern society.

Grounded in Scripture

You’ll explore Christian thought and practice from a solid grounding in biblical authority and interpretation, giving you the foundation you need to be a thought leader in our ever-changing world.

Whole-life learning

Christian thought is not simply about filling brains. It’s about educating whole persons. You’ll be challenged to mature spiritually through a greater understanding of how the Bible connects to real life. Growth as a whole person–toward spiritual, personal, and relational maturity–is essential to engaging and transforming your context.


Globalization, economics, secularization, poverty, media—culture is changing every day. The Christian thought program will prepare you to serve Christ on the edge of culture by practicing relational and missional reflection for a complex world.


The Master of Arts in Christian Thought will prepare you to lead communities with vision, strength, and grace to engage culture and transform it with the gospel.


Learn how to:

  • Construct a coherent Christian worldview and a compelling way of life that changes lives and communities
  • Address deep, worldview questions such as the nature of truth, the nature and being of God, the authority of Scripture, the uniqueness of Christ, the origin and goal of creation, the problem of evil and suffering, and redemption in God’s kingdom
  • Understand and articulate the Christian faith compellingly in a diverse, complex, always-changing world
  • Integrate everything you learn into your own life, challenging you to grow emotionally, spiritually, and relationally
  • Use biblical truth to inspire and personal wisdom to guide


Our graduates serve as:

  • Pastors interested in engaging culture
  • Teaching pastors
  • Church planters
  • Para-church and nonprofit leaders
  • College ministry leaders
  • Social and cultural entrepreneurs
  • Christian school teachers
  • Christians involved in law, education, business, media, politics, or the arts