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With a Christian Thought degree, you’ll experience personal transformation and become equipped to transform culture.

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Transformation starts here. In Bethel Seminary’s M.A. in Christian Thought program, you’ll build a strong foundation of biblical studies and theology, which trains you to know the truth—and transforms you. Then you’ll be equipped to clearly communicate that truth to others—which transforms culture.

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In this program, you’ll gain a strong biblical foundation and deep understanding of theology that will allow you to engage meaningfully with your community as you apply the Christian faith to the cultural and social issues of the day.

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Program Highlights

Innovative, relevant preparation

You’ll be equipped to deal with the most pressing cultural issues of our time.

Missional focus

You’ll gain the skills to make a compelling case for the Christian faith in the face of competing voices in modern culture.

Grounded in truth

You’ll build a rock-solid foundation of biblical authority and interpretation that equips you to recognize, discern, and communicate truth.

Holistic emphasis

You’ll experience holistic growth—intellectually, relationally, personally, and spiritually—so you can effectively engage and transform your context.

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Transformation starts here.

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At Bethel Seminary, you’ll experience personal and spiritual transformation that will equip you to transform others—for eternal impact. Our M.A. in Christian Thought program prepares you to serve Christ in various cultural contexts, combining biblical training with agile leadership skills and a heart for others.


Bethel Seminary becomes the first seminary in the U.S. to start offering classes online


full time faculty in the department

Career Outcomes

Wondering what you can do with a Christian Thought degree?

The M.A. in Christian Thought program will prepare you to dynamically contextualize biblical truth and theology, communicating it with relevance and authenticity in any ministry or marketplace context.


Learn how to:

  • Construct a coherent Christian worldview and a compelling way of life that changes lives and communities
  • Address deep, worldview questions such as the nature of truth, the nature and being of God, the authority of Scripture, the uniqueness of Christ, the origin and goal of creation, the problem of evil and suffering, and redemption in God’s kingdom
  • Understand and articulate the Christian faith compellingly in a diverse, complex, always-changing world
  • Integrate everything you learn into your own life, challenging you to grow emotionally, spiritually, and relationally
  • Use biblical truth to inspire and personal wisdom to guide


Our graduates serve as:

  • Pastors interested in engaging culture
  • Teaching pastors
  • Church planters
  • Para-church and nonprofit leaders
  • College ministry leaders
  • Social and cultural entrepreneurs
  • Christian school teachers
  • Christians involved in law, education, business, media, politics, or the arts
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