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Our professors are distinguished scholars, active researchers, published writers, and faithful Christians who demonstrate what it means to be both Christ-followers and leaders in their academic fields. As mentors and role models, they play a huge role in the integration of faith and learning at Bethel.

Program Directors & Lead Faculty

Justin Irving

Program Director | j-irving@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2000

Research interests

Leadership Studies; Servant Leadership; Team Effectiveness; Cross-Cultural Leadership; Organizational Change; Ministry Leadership; Purpose in Leadership; Leadership Assessment; Research Methodology and Design; Spiritual and Personal Formation for Leaders


Leith Anderson

Faculty | Leith.Anderson@wooddale.org | Started at Bethel: 2010

Areas of expertise

Pastoring, teaching, writing, speaking, and leadership.

Jeannine Brown

| j-brown@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2000

Research interests

Dr. Brown has focused much of her research and writing on the Gospels and on hermeneutics. In addition to a book on biblical hermeneutics, she has published two commentaries on Matthew's Gospel and is currently co-writing a third. Brown has also co-written on interdisciplinary topics, such as C. . . read more.

Eric Bryant

Professor | bryeri@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2-13

Teaching Specialty

Missional Ministry, Intercultural Communication, Missional Innovation, Missional Contextualization

Rod Casey

Instructor in Preaching | rlc28355@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2005

Research interests

I love to consider the intersection of a robust theology, a contextualized audience, and best practices of communication. My doctoral project involved the application of Christian education methods into standard evangelical homiletic practice. Simply put, moving the sermon beyond the lecture fo. . . read more.

David Clark

Faculty | d-clark@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1988

Teaching Specialty

Dr. Clark's academic discipline is philosophy of religion. He has special interests in epistemology, the problem of evil, religious ethics, and the relation of theology to science. In addition to philosophy of religion, he has taught systematic theology and apologetics. His approach emphasizes . . . read more.

Paul Ferris

Professor | pferris@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1998

Teaching Specialty

Content and exegesis of the First Testament and biblical languages

Douglas Fombelle

Faculty | d-fombelle@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2003

Teaching Specialty

Doctor of Ministry

Katie Friesen Smith

Faculty, Thesis Advisor | smikatj@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2008

Teaching Specialty

Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Direction, Leadership, Congregational Systems, Communication, Educational Ministry, Women in Ministry, Team Development, Conflict and Change

David Howard

Professor | dhoward@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 1982-1990, 2000-present.

Teaching Specialty

Old Testament, Hebrew, and Hermeneutics

Denise Muir Kjesbo

Professor | denise-kjesbo@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2000

Teaching Specialty

Children's and Family Ministry - I am committed to equipping leaders to serve in ministries with children and youth as the crucial mission field of our time - both in the States and around the world. I am passionate about partnering with parents in the spiritual formation of their children and. . . read more.

Jeanine Parolini

Instructor and Dissertation Adviser | j-parolin@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2007

Areas of expertise

Leadership theory & development, transformational & servant leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, coaching & mentoring, ethics, self-leadership & assessment, leadership communication, strengths-based leadership, organizational development, change & change leadership, organiza. . . read more.

John Sanders

Faculty | sandersjohng@gmail.com | Started at Bethel: 2000

Areas of expertise

Ministry and writing

Timothy Senapatiratne

Faculty | t-senapatiratne@bethel.edu | Started at Bethel: 2001

Research interests

Currently, I have focused my research on three separate, but interrelated areas. First, I have focused my research on the Hebrew Bible with a special emphasis on Wisdom Literature. I am particularly interested in how Biblical Wisdom Literature borrows from other wisdom traditions within the A. . . read more.

James D. Smith III

Professor | jds31@cox.net | Started at Bethel: 1988

Areas of expertise

Church History; Historical Theology; Christian biography; Spiritual life & ministry; History of Missions; Women in the Christian Tradition; Henri Nouwen; baseball history

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