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Doctor of Ministry

A doctoral degree is about more than gaining knowledge. It’s about using everything you’ve learned to become a transformational ministry leader.

Our Doctor of Ministry program provides innovative education to equip Christian leaders and scholars. You’ll tackle today’s problems head-on and address the burning issues facing the church and the world. While going deeper in your walk with God, you’ll immerse yourself in research to find practical answers to pressing questions. And you’ll be prepared as a world-changer, ready to make significant contributions that result in lasting change.

Program Details

Doctor of Ministry in Biblical and Theological Engagement

Learn from faculty with years of ministry experience and perspective who will challenge your own understanding of scripture and theology, while empowering you to lead others through similar experiences in your own future ministry.

Delivery: Online

Location: St. Paul

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Doctor of Ministry in Church Leadership

This concentration will guide you through basics of congregational systems and styles, and teach you how to capitalize on your leadership traits for the best impacts through relevant, biblical preaching.

Deliveries: Online, Online

Location: St. Paul

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Doctor of Ministry in Congregation and Family Care

In addition to gaining insight into family systems, this concentration will emphasize crucial aspects of pastoral care through transformational leadership, and addresses deeper issues surrounding pain and suffering.

Delivery: Online

Location: St. Paul

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Doctor of Ministry in Missional Effectiveness

Develop your understanding of missional life with a concentration in Missional Effectiveness. You will be exposed to the growing needs within missional contexts, and develop innovative practices that will inspire people toward healthy, Christ-centered communities of faith.

Delivery: Online

Location: San Diego

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Doctor of Ministry in Servant Leadership

This concentration focuses on the traits of servant leadership and why this style is superior to others. Upon completion, you will have gained insight not only into your own unique leadership qualities, but also the way servant leaders live out their impact within organizations and teams, and among followers.

Delivery: Online

Location: St. Paul

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Building Leaders to Serve a World That Needs Transformational Change

The Doctor of Ministry at Bethel will be one of the ultimate challenges in your academic life. Academically rigorous and downright practical, our program is designed to enhance the leadership of existing leaders and develop a new generation of transformational leaders who are committed to changing their life, their ministry, and their society. We’re not interested in merely helping you put “doctor” in front of your name, but rather graduating leaders with a higher level of visioning, leadership, and engagement within their ministry setting.

continents where Doctor of Ministry graduates serve

students in a typical D.Min. cohort

Program Highlights

Useful social research

Students conduct research that impacts the church and the world it serves with innovative solutions to the many burning issues faced by the church today.

Practical teaching

We develop ministry practitioners who leave the program with tangible skills that change the way they do ministry.

Transformational leadership

Not only do students become more effective leaders, but also they’re transformed in the process—learning a style of leadership that transforms those they encounter through their ministry and day-to-day life.

Expert faculty

Our professors are specialists in their fields. They teach from a perspective that allows students to apply what they learn directly to their ministry context.

Flexibility in content and delivery

Students can tailor their studies to their interests through our self-directed program. The cohort program also gives students a range of options for specialized study along with the opportunity to study with a program mentor. Plus, our unique delivery allows students to learn independently through online work and to meet face-to-face with their peers.


The Doctor of Ministry will prepare you to be a transformational leader ready to make significant contributions to your church, your community, and our world.


Learn how to:

  • Serve your community and find innovative solutions to the pressing issues the church faces by engaging in useful social research
  • Change the way you do ministry through practical learning and tangible new skills
  • Integrate intellectual growth, personal and spiritual formation, character development, and leadership skills as you pursue follow God’s call on your life
  • Apply what you’re learning to your ministry context through mentorship by expert faculty who are specialists in their fields


The Doctor of Ministry is about increasing your effectiveness in your ministry context. The program is popular among:

  • Non-profit directors
  • Denominational executives
  • Mission organization leaders
  • Pastors and other church leaders
  • Non-governmental organizational leaders

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