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Bethel Seminary’s passion is advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that raising up high-quality, biblically-grounded, culturally-savvy ministry leaders is the key to that mission. We believe in growing more leaders with rich biblical understanding, deep commitment to orthodoxy, and passion for Kingdom outreach. In North America, cultural norms and values are drifting away from biblical teaching faster than anyplace else in the world. A strategic approach to leadership development is vital for Gospel faithfulness and Kingdom advance.

We've designed a pathway that enables ministry leaders in the church to develop spiritually-gifted and biblically-grounded emerging leaders. These emerging leaders will deepen their commitment to biblical orthodoxy as they learn with faithful evangelical scholars while keeping your church’s unique leadership DNA.

Program Details 

Bethel Seminary makes leadership development simple; Bethel invites you to:

  • Recruit as residents the kind of spiritually-gifted, future ministry leaders you’d choose to invest in
  • Deploy them in your church, immersing them in your leadership culture as they grow ministry skill
  • Create regular mentoring and/or coaching experiences for them and
  • Provide modest scholarship support ($1200 or more per year), using this Scholarship Agreement Form

Supporting your leadership development strategy, Bethel will:

  • Deliver a 2-year, 36-credit, foundational Seminary degree program (MA Christian Thought)
  • Provide all classes and all academic services, either on campus or 100% online
  • Enable students to begin in September, February, or June
  • Apply earned credits to more robust degrees, if desired (e.g., MA Ministry, M.Div., or any other Seminary Master’s degree)
  • Match your church’s support up to $1,200 per year and
  • Disburse funds on your behalf

The emerging leader will:

  • Apply as a Bethel Seminary student, using the online application
  • Serve as residents for up to 35 hours per week in your ministry
  • Study 15 hours per week (average time required to earn 6 credits per term) and
  • Meet twice monthly with a ministry mentor and/or leadership coach you approve


This partnership will benefit your ministry, allowing you to:

  • Stand out to the best candidates as an employer with a unique staff development plan
  • Embed your unique organizational DNA in your future staff and
  • Hire as permanent staff the most effective residents who prove themselves over two years

It will enlarge your legacy, enabling you to:

  • Implement a simple leadership development strategy with little additional effort; and
  • Create a godly leadership heritage in the lives of those you recruit and develop.

It will benefit emerging leaders, assisting them to:

  • Earn a Seminary degree at a surprisingly reasonable total net cost and
  • Gain experience, coaching, and an MA Christian Thought degree—all in 2 years

Next Steps

Create a Church Residency Scholarship Program

  • Establish a Church Residency Scholarship Program through governing board or congregational action
  • Establish a scholarship committee (or equivalent) to award funds based on church-approved guidelines and
  • Establish a scholarship funding source (either annual budget, endowment, or special fund). If a special fund is created, contributions will be given to the fund and not to individuals. Students and/or families will not contribute to the special fund (and thus gain benefits from their personal giving)

Implement the Church Residency Scholarship Program:

  • Identify and recruit residents that demonstrate leadership potential
  • Initiate a regular coaching or mentoring experience for the residents
  • Ensure the residents apply as degree-seeking students at Bethel Seminary using the regular application form
  • Complete the Church Residency Scholarship Agreement Form. Submit the form to the Office of Financial Aid.
  • Payments should be sent to the Bethel University Business Office at 3900 Bethel Drive, St. Paul, MN 55112

Note: The Office of Financial Aid will match and disburse the church’s scholarship contribution. The church portion of the contribution is expected but not required. If a student withdraws or is otherwise ineligible, Bethel will return the unused scholarship dollars to the church.

For further information, contact Dr. David Clark

651-638-6972 (office)
651-338-7578 (cell)

Bethel Seminary
3949 Bethel Drive
St Paul, MN 55112