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Our programs have various admissions deadlines throughout the year depending on degree and delivery method. If you have any questions, please contact our team.

Applications for Fall terms


  • St Paul-Marriage and Family Therapy: Talk to Enrollment Counselor about exact date

August 1

  • All Residential and Online Master's Programs (includes St Paul SemPM)

Applications for Interim terms

November 1

  • Doctor of Ministry

December 1

  • Residential Master's Programs (no Online or St Paul SemPM)

Applications for Spring terms

January 1

  • Residential Master's programs (no Online or St Paul SemPM)

Applications for Summer terms

April 1

  • Doctor of Ministry

May 1

  • Residential Master's programs (no Online or St Paul SemPM)

Seminary Features

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Students and staff share their Bethel Seminary experience.

Blog: Theology Matters

Seminary Dean David Clark reflects on the role of theology in the world today.

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