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Note below, unique opportunities at select CPE sites. We update these opportunities as communicated to us by the sites that offer them. Have an open clinical pastoral position? Fill out this form  and we will add it to our site for Bethel students to apply.

Looking for a CPE site? Go to the ACPE website to search for site by state. 

VA Northeast Ohio Healthcare System - Cleveland, OH

"Our Clinical Pastoral Education training program is accredited by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education to provide Level I/II, and Certified Educator training. Located in the Louise Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center, our program follows an experiential education model through an intercultural and interfaith curriculum that is designed to prepare all trainees for Board Certification in Chaplaincy." The VA Northeast Ohio CPE program offers an 11-week, full-time CPE internship program, a 12-month residency after completing one CPE unit, and a CPE fellowship program.

For more information, please call 216.791.3800 Ext. 66300 or email stacy.kenney2@va.gov.

University of California - San Diego (UCSD) CPE

UCSD will be providing CPE units during the following times and in the following ways:

Summer Intensive In-Person Full CPE Unit: June 4 - August 27, 2021
Distance Learning Units: To be announced

UCSD accepts and reviews applications on a rolling basis, which means you are welcome to submit your application at any time. They recommend you check with the program by writing to cpe@health.ucsd.edu to determine if they are currently accepting applications for open spots or the waitlist.

To apply, complete the application at the ACPE website. This is the common application for all CPE programs. CPE faculty and program advisors will review your application and let you know whether or not an interview will be offered within 30 days of receiving your application and fee.

Please send the completed application to cpe@health.ucsd.edu. A $30 non-refundable application fee made payable to "UC Regents" is required to process all applications. Mail the application to:

Volunteer and Spiritual Care Services
UC San Diego Health
200 West Arbor Drive
MC 8959
San Diego, CA 92103

Attn: Allison Kestenbaum, ACPE Certified Educator
Please address inquiries to cpe@health.ucsd.edu

San Diego VA-DoD CPE Center

The San Diego VA-DoD CPE Center at the VASDHS is now accepting applications for our fall residency which will begin September 2021. 

Class meets Mondays 0830-1330 and students are expected to work in an assigned clinic 15 hours/week over 20 weeks as well as meet with the educator 1:1 an hour each week. There is no application fee, unit fee, stipend, or vacation for the internship. However, students will have federal holidays off.

Classes will be online unless otherwise specified. Clinic work will be done in person.

For more information and/or to apply, please visit their website.

Optage Hospice/Presbyterian Homes CPE Internships

How CPE internships work with Optage Hospice:

  • Interns join our hospice and act as chaplains on our team, receiving task supervision/training from one of our Optage Hospice chaplains
  • CPE training/learning is provided currently through Sue Allers Hatlie
  • We usually host 3 interns per year (1 intern with each of Sue’s units – winter, summer, fall)
  • Our goal is to find individuals who are in agreement with our Pietistic Theological Framework, which drives our approach to spiritual care (Christ Alone, Faith Alone, Scripture Alone) and who are not afraid to meet people where they are at, while also sharing the Gospel

If interested in applying, please contact:
Sarah Olsen, LICSW, APHSW-C
Director of Social Work & Chaplain Services | Optage® Hospice
612.723.4603 | fax: 651.746.2725 | solsen@preshomes.org | www.optage.org

Social Justice Clinical Pastoral Education

Seeking to fill 24 CPE positions each year in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.
Contact the Rev. Dr. Susan Allers Hatlie, Director  952.484.3334 or sallershatlie@gmail.com
More information is available at www.acpe.edu

Allina Health

To view their calendar of CPE Internships, please click here

Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area hospital CPE opportunities include Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Mercy and Unity Hospitals, St. Francis Regional Medical Center, United Hospital, and Allina Health Hospice. Per the Allina website, Abbott Northwestern and United hospitals work closely with Children's Hospitals and Clinics in caring for premature newborns to older teens on the same campus.

M Health/Fairview Health System

To view their CPE programs and schedules, please click here

From the Fairview website: "M Health Fairview's two Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Centers offers both single-unit programs (Intensive and Extended) and three-unit, year-long residencies. Students may complete Level I or Level II outcomes in all the units listed below, in consultation with their CPE educator." CPE centers include the University of Minnesota Medical Center, M Health Clinics and Surgery Center, M Health Fairview Southdale Hospital, M Health Fairview Ridges Hospital, and Ebenezer.

North Memorial Health

For more information about North Memorial's Twin Cities CPE opportunities, click here

Per their website: "North Memorial Health's wide range of clinical settings offers incredible opportunities for practicing ministry, including Cancer care, Emergency care, heart and Vascular, ICU, Level I Trauma Center, Medical and Surgical units, Neonatal ICU, Neurology, Orthopedics, Palliative Care."

HealthPartners/Park Nicollet

For more information about their Twin Cities CPE programs and schedule, click here.

CPE units are offered at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital.