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Preparation for a vocation in ministry involves networking with others and understanding any special considerations or requirements specific to your denomination or ministry context.


It’s important early in your seminary journey to begin exploring and establishing networks, especially networks that can help you secure a ministry position in your area of interest. We’ve outlined a few questions and presented some helpful resources below that you can use to start building solid networks early in your time at seminary. We’re available to process these questions and resources with you as well.

Questions to Consider

  • Why are you going to seminary? What prompted you externally to come to seminary? Who has been helpful in this journey and discernment process?
  • What’s your dream job? What do you believe God is calling you to? Have you been in contact with people who are engaged in similar ministry?
  • Are you connected to a specific denomination? If so, have you contacted denomination or jurisdictional authorities, especially if ordination or professional affiliation is desired?
  • What does your resume look like? 

Networking Resources and Advice

  • Review the official list of denominational websites from the Hartford Institute.
  • Check websites of organizations or churches that are engaged in ministry that you’d like to be doing.
  • Keep up your personal connections. Remember those voices that were helpful in your journey to seminary? Those people are the beginning of your networks!
  • Set up a LinkedIn profile.

Denominational Considerations

Are you feeling called to ordained ministry? The questions and resources we’ve presented below establish some basic steps to ensure you’re heading down the right denominational path, especially in regard to program sequencing and networking. We’re available to process these questions and resources with you as well.

Questions to Consider

  • Do you feel called to a specific denomination? If so, have you contacted our office so that we can help outline specific steps you must take for denominational affiliation and program sequencing? Key note: There are no shortcuts to denominational affiliation!
  • Do you know your specific denominational authorities, especially those in your local area and responsible for students interested in affiliation? Have you connected with these people? Do these governing authorities know you and your intended seminary path?

Vocational Resources