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Military Chaplaincy

Military chaplains provide ministry in settings unique to the military, e.g., on ships, in the field during training exercises, in confinement facilities, hospitals, and at times in combat. Chaplains ensure the free exercise of religion for all military personnel. They also conduct spiritual, religious, and administrative functions associated with being a senior/lead pastor.

Military Chaplaincy Candidate Training, offered by the Army, Navy, and Air Force, is designed for:

  • Ministerial students who meet educational requirements
  • Those exploring military chaplaincy
  • Those who want to be trained as a chaplain and minister at the same time

Military Chaplain Candidate Training as an Internship

Military Chaplain Candidate programs include military and chaplain training and experience. Military training itself cannot be used for an internship. Ninety-day full-time Military Chaplain training programs (i.e., CHOBLOC at Fort Jackson) can be used for an internship. All other military chaplain training has to be approved by the Director of Internship and Placement.

Finding a Military Chaplain Candidate Training Program

Please contact the military branch you are interested in for more information:

  1. Army Chaplain Candidate Program
  2. Air Force Chaplain Candidate Program
  3. Navy Chaplain
  4. National VA Chaplain Service


Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agents


Donna Johnson, Director of Internship and Placement