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All MA in Ministry and Master of Divinity students do an internship as part of their degree program. It involves a continuous experience involving 400 hours of service, supervision and reflection over two academic terms at a site approved by the Director of Internship and Placement.

Internship occurs in the student’s last program year. Our internship process allows you to map out your development goals and serve in a ministry context that helps you meet those goals. Your internship will culminate in evaluation and feedback on your integration of degree program outcomes.


  • PC566A and PC566B, Chaplaincy Internship: For students who seek to enter the field of Chaplaincy, and who choose to do Clinical Pastoral Education for their internship experience.
  • TL566A and TL566B, Professional Internship for MDiv students: For students who seek to explore service in churches, parachurch organizations, long term or senior care, or other contexts congruent with explicit Christian service or leadership.
  • TL568A and TL568B, Professional Internship for MA in Ministry students: Also for students who seek to explore service as described above.

Students find their own internship site, on-site supervisor, and off-site mentor (not in the same line of authority or at the same church location). Our team will help you get started, and support and guide you along the way.


  • For MA students, SP001, TL001, SP510, and an approved communications course for those students whose concentration requires it.
  • For MDiv students, SP001, TL001, SP510, CP510, ML527, PC512.
  • Students must also complete reflective work; secure a site, on-site supervisor, and off-site mentor; complete an internship agreement for approval of the Director of Internship; and meet with the Director to review these, prior to registration.


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