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Personal Development courses help students explore what it means to be human by studying human nature and learning about and participating in artistic expression and physical activities. Through courses in this pillar, students are also introduced to the value of the liberal arts taught in a Christian context and develop communication skills needed for academic work. Through Personal Development courses, students learn to:

  • Reflect on and critically evaluate the creative arts from a Christian world-view
  • Show imagination and originality
  • Analyze the relationship between the body, fitness, and wellness, and plan for life-long fitness
  • Consider the link between the individual and social groups for personal growth

Why study Personal Development?

In our fragmented society, we need to understand ourselves and be able to relate to groups and other individuals in meaningful and productive ways. By examining ourselves, we can begin to understand others and appreciate the richness of relationships. Additionally, it's important to develop skills for communicating in a variety of settings and for working with others. This means being able to:

  • Establish and maintain a healthy self-identity
  • Work cooperatively and effectively with others
  • Communicate with others clearly, authentically, and ethically
  • Appreciate ways in which individuals express themselves

Courses & Course Categories

*This course is integrated into the Humanities Program for students in that track.