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If you withdraw from classes or drop out of school in the middle of a term, you might be eligible for a refund.

Types of Refunds

There are 2 types of refunds:

A refund of institutional charges credits money to your student account (decreasing what you owe). A refund of financial aid reduces the amount of financial aid available to pay your institutional charges (increasing what you owe).

If you are planning to withdraw from all classes, you must notify the Office of Student Life where you will complete a withdrawal form. This requirement must be met before your enrollment deposit is refunded.

Refunds of Financial Aid

If you withdraw from all classes during the first 6 business days of fall or spring semester, all of your financial aid will be refunded (removed from your account) unless you complete a Supplemental Withdrawal Form (available in the Office of Student Life), documenting your attendance at each class.

Upon receipt of the Supplemental Withdrawal Form, the federal financial aid refund policy will be calculated. If students receive a full (100%) refund of tuition, they are ineligible for any state, institutional, or private sources of financial aid.

  1. Federal Refund Policy (Return of Title IV Funds)

    Students with federal aid who withdraw (or are expelled) after a term starts, but before completing 60% of the term, may need to return a portion of their federal (Title IV) aid. The percentage of Title IV aid to be returned is equal to the number of days remaining in the term divided by the number of calendar days in the term. Scheduled breaks of more than four consecutive days are excluded.

  2. Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE) Financial Aid Refund Policy

    Bethel is required to use the OHE financial aid refund policy when calculating refunds for Minnesota State Grants and Minnesota SELF loans. After applying any institutional charge refunds and the "Return of Title IV Funds" refund calculations to the student's account, a proportionate share of the state aid is refunded using the following formula: "remaining refund" x (MN financial aid funds/all non-Title IV financial aid). Students retain funds earned through the Minnesota State Work Study Program prior to withdrawing from Bethel.

  3. Financial Aid Refunds for Institutional and Private Funds

    After calculating the federal and state refunds policies, institutional and private gift aid is reduced by the same percent as the tuition amount was reduced.

This is a summary of the Refund Policy. The complete policy is located in the College of Arts & Sciences Catalog.