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Promoting the highest standards in practice and principle

Bethel’s business and leadership programs will prepare you to make the greatest impact in your career and community. With convenient delivery options, including traditional day classes, degree completion courses, and online programs, you have the freedom to pursue your education goals at your pace.

Our programs are taught from a Christian worldview, positioning you to become the leader and manager you were created to be. From business management, economics and accounting, to graduate degrees in business administration and strategic leadership, we have the faculty and staff to assist you in your journey toward future success.

Bachelor's Degrees

Accounting and Finance (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance is a technical degree for students who want to become CPAs, while still gaining a well-rounded business background.

Through the development of critical thinking skills, our graduates are well-prepared to meet the challenges of providing insight and strategic direction. Finance knowledge provides a valuable support to leaders across functional areas in all organizations.

Business (B.A.)

A business major provides core business principles that can be applied to a wide variety of contexts, identifying and solving strategic needs inside for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, government, and ministries. It’s a versatile major in high demand, with opportunities to tailor your learning and future pathways through one or more of our 7 emphases.

Business and Political Science (B.A.)

The Business and Political Science major involves the study of basic political processes and systems as well as foundational courses in economics and business. This major gives students a little of both worlds and provides flexibility for a wide variety of career possibilities.

Business Management (B.S.)

In Bethel’s B.S. in Business Management program, you’ll gain sound business skills and new insights about yourself, your teams, your company, and your world to take your career to the next level. You can also study business management as a minor combined with another program.

Digital Humanities (B.A.)

Economics (B.A.)

Economics students become experts in understanding and analyzing systems related to the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It’s a great major if you’re interested in the best use of scarce resources and the interplay between politics, law, tax policy, and public policy that affects us every day.

Master's Degrees

Master of Divinity (M.Div)

Bethel's Master of Divinity program gives you the knowledge and skills to lead as a teacher, pastor, or chaplain or pursue a seminary doctoral degree. You’ll study theology and Scripture, gain a Christian worldview, and develop personally and spiritually so that you’re prepared to follow your calling.


Bethel’s robust MBA program consists of a total of 42 credits, with 30 credits of core curriculum and 12 credits in any one of the eight concentrations. Four concentrations are offered through Bethel and four concentrations are offered through an agreement with MITx. Find the right fit for your strengths, interests, and goals.

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min)

Bethel's Doctor of Ministry program will help you become a scholar, teacher, minister, and leader with the confidence and vision to engage your church and society in ways that could transform lives. Choose from two program delivery options: fully online or online with on-campus intensives.

Higher Education Leadership (Ed.D.)

Today's colleges and universities need leaders who are confident, competent, and inspiring, yet humble enough to learn, change their minds, and seek better questions. The Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership program will develop your capacity to manage the tactical day-to-day aspects of a college or university, as well as be a transformational leader committed to innovation and positive change.

K-12 Administration (Ed.D.)

In our Ed.D. in K-12 Administration program, you’ll prepare for the wonderfully complex and challenging role of leadership in K-12 settings. Students can earn a principal, superintendent, and special education director license. Non-license-seeking students complete an individualized directed study.


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