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Bethel PA students

Discover how Bethel physician assistant students can support your practice

The clinical year provides invaluable experiences to students in our physician assistant program, and it wouldn’t be possible without the help of willing healthcare providers. When you partner with Bethel as a preceptor, it's a great service to our students—but it also benefits you. 

Increased clinic efficiency

Bethel PA students are well equipped to perform clinical skills such as suturing, casting, splinting, I&D, and more. They can also assist with documentation and meet with patients ahead of being seen by the provider. 

Opportunity to give back

As a healthcare provider, you once found yourself in similar shoes. Clinical experience is an essential part of PA education, and you’ll have the chance to make a difference in the lives of future healthcare providers. 

Clinical faculty status

Preceptors who allow students on site for three months out of the year or more will be given adjunct clinical faculty status at Bethel University.

Strategic recruitment

You'll have the opportunity to connect with top students—and great candidates for PA positions within your organization.

Other benefits include: 

What sets Bethel PA students apart? 

Bethel PA students will be vital members of your patient care team. Their graduate-level didactic preparation includes 15 months of rigorous medical education with emphasis in patient assessment, procedures, clinical medicine, pharmacology, pathophysiology, ethics, anatomy, multicultural issues, and medical practice.

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"I see physician assistant students from a variety of area universities, and hands down, Bethel's are the most prepared with the strongest knowledge and best documentation. If I could, I would only take Bethel students. They have no deficiencies." 
–Current Preceptor

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to some frequntly asked questions at the links below. 

What does the clinical year look like? 

Understand how the four-week rotations work and what is expected in each one during the clinical phase of a student's PA education.

What are my responsibilities as a preceptor? 

Learn your role as a preceptor and what you can expect from a PA student.

What resources are available to me? 

Here, you'll find a variety of resources to guide your preceptor-student experience.

Where can I find the forms I'll need? 

Locate all the forms you'll need here, as well as a handbook that will answer many of your questions.