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Outside Employment

Classes meet during the day, with some evening hours expected and varying hours during rotations the second year.

The program begins in the summer with full-time classes during the day and occasional evening lectures for the first 4 semesters (15 months). For the last 3 semesters, students engage in full-time rotations (40+ hours per week) at various hospitals and clinics with an assigned preceptor. Hours will vary during clinical rotations.

To accommodate this schedule, PA students must be available for program activities Monday to Friday 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. In rare instances, we may also hold Saturday morning sessions. This full-time program offers a demanding course load with significant time spent in the labs. We will also need to adjust the schedule to accommodate guest lecturers and seminars. You will be expected to have the flexibility to make yourself available during these times.

As part of our employment policy, PA students must not substitute or function as instructional faculty, and are not required to work for the program.

Advanced Placement

Bethel University's Master of Science in Physician Assistant (PA) program is designed as a comprehensive curriculum, and all learners are required to complete the prescribed didactic and clinical coursework.  The PA program does not allow for exemption from courses, clinical skills, laboratories, or clinical education regardless of prior experience, degree or credential.  Students must matriculate through all aspects of the program and successfully complete all program requirements in order to graduate.

  • Advanced placement is not granted into the M.S. in Physician Assistant (PA) program.
  • All students must complete the full PA program.
  • No external course work will satisfy PA program requirements.