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The following information provides our expectations for you as a preceptor, and what you can expect from your student.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Discuss rotation learning outcomes and required experiences with the preceptor on the first day to develop a plan for the rotation.
  2. Inform preceptor of necessary evaluation forms to be completed during the rotation.
  3. Complete all required onboarding and educational requirements of the clinical site.
  4. Maintain high professional standards of behavior including punctuality, confidentiality, and professional communication with clinic staff and preceptors.
  5. Actively engage in learning, including self-guided research and study of the rotation specialty.

Program Responsibilities

  1. Provide scheduling information to clinical students and assist with onboarding requirements for the site.
  2. Provide remediation, both academic and professional, if a student demonstrates need.  This may involve removing a student from a rotation if deemed necessary by the preceptor and/or program faculty.
  3. Address concerns raised by students or preceptors.
  4. Conduct the final skills and knowledge evaluation of students before graduation.

Preceptor Responsibilities

  1. Provide adequate opportunities for the student to meet defined learning outcomes for the rotation.
  2. Ensure that students are not used as a substitute for clinical or administrative staff.
  3. Maintain professional supervision of the student while on duty.
  4. Notify the Clinical Coordinator in a timely manner of any unsatisfactory conduct or performance.
  5. Provide evaluations for each student on PA program forms. 
  6. Maintain full responsibility for the patient’s medical care and treatment.
  7. Orient the student to safety and security measures of the clinical site.

General Guidelines

  1. Students are expected to perform similar to a third or fourth year medical student. 
  2. Students should participate in all aspects of practice, including clinic, hospital, and nursing home services, provided they are approved to be in all of these facilities.  
  3. Any concerns from the student, preceptor, or program should be communicated immediately to allow for appropriate intervention and remediation. Please do not wait until the final evaluations to identify problems.