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Our program competencies are arranged into skill domains which align with the PAEA and AAPA competencies for PA graduates and practicing PAs. Graduates of the Bethel physician assistant program will be able to:


K1. Integrate knowledge of disease processes with individual medical case scenarios to optimize patient outcomes.

K2. Accurately interpret clinical lab and imaging tests, and appropriately apply the results to the patient’s situation.

K3. Provide preventative care counseling and services based on established guidelines.

Clinical and Technical Skills

CT1. Take and document accurate and complete patient histories.

CT2. Perform and document comprehensive and organized physical examinations of patients using proper technique.

CT3. Perform procedural skills safely and effectively.

Clinical Reasoning

CR1. Develop and document appropriate plans for patients based upon their individual needs and differential diagnoses.

CR2. Critically analyze medical literature and apply findings to patient care. 

Interpersonal Communication and Collaboration

IP1. Conduct and document patient education and counseling in an effective, empathetic, and patient-centered manner.

IP2. Collaborate with other medical professionals to improve patient care.

Professional Behaviors

PB1. Formulate a personal approach to professional practice and development, integrating their personal worldview with the needs of patients.

PB2. Demonstrate understanding of the physician assistant profession, including ethical, legal, and regulatory guidelines for practicing within the larger healthcare system and community.